A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2495

Ning Zhi became furious when he was ignored by Kai.

“Kai, how dare you ignore me, today I will make your life worse than death ……”

As Ning Zhi finished speaking, he directly exploded the aura within his body, the aura of the peak of the Transformation Realm instantly pervading!

And in the center of Ning Zhi’s brow, a black starburst flickered.

Feeling the aura from Ning Zhi’s body, Yu Qian and the others were about to die of anger, knowing that the strength Ning Zhi was displaying right now had been exchanged for the lives of their respective disciples!

But with the great power right in front of them, none of Yu Qian and the others dared to make a move, the majesty of the great power made them timid in their hearts!

After exploding into the peak of the Transformation Realm, Ning Zhi coldly looked at Kai and said “See, this is real strength ……”

Ning Zhi didn’t say anything, but burst out the aura in his body instantly as well, today no matter what, Kai had to stop this aura recovery!

“Sixth rank of the Realm of Transformation?” After Ning Zhi felt the aura on Kai’s body, he immediately laughed coldly “Just this strength of yours, do you want to fight me too?”

Ning Zhi was filled with disdain, and with a grab towards the void, the void trembled, and a golden longsword was grasped by Ning Zhi in his hand.

“Go to hell ……”

Ning Zhi leapt forward, this time he fought with all his might, after all, he couldn’t lose in front of a great power, and this time he could just take Kai’s life!

Ning Zhi was killing Kai, but the great power had no intention of stopping him, as if Kai’s death or survival wasn’t very important now!

Seeing this, Kai’s Dragon Cutting Sword instantly flew out, followed by an instantaneous sword blade cutting out, following that Ning Zhi in a fight!

Both of them exploded with their full strength, and chaos emerged, the void exploded, and sword shadows weaved in and out of the sky!

Although Kai was at a lower realm, he was not at a disadvantage, and while he was fighting with Ning Zhi, he kept an eye on the movements of that great power!

He wanted to see when this great power would activate this Great Aura Recovery Formation!

Kai and Ning Zhi fought, but the great power did not even look at them, but waved his hand and said, “Go on, kill everyone in front of you ……”

This order was given to the six purple-robed emissaries, as well as to the hundreds of Demon Heart Sect disciples!

They and Kai were now in a cooperative relationship and needed to work together to destroy the Demon Heart Sect!

Yu Qian gave a wink towards the others, looking at the great power standing in front of them, not the slightest bit wary, so the six of them gritted their teeth and swung a palm forward at the same time!

This palm contained all their life’s work, and each of them put all their strength into it, for they knew that if they couldn’t stop Mighty in one stroke, then their lives would be in danger!

In a flash, six terrifying palm winds, with a destructive force, smashed towards the Mighty!

Yu Qian and the others were already very close to the Mighty One, and now they were fighting with all their might, so the six terrifying palm winds arrived in an instant and struck the Mighty One’s body directly!

Just as Yu Qian and the others were about to rejoice, they suddenly realised that the six palm winds had directly penetrated the body of the great power and finally dissipated into the void.

And the great power slowly turned back and looked at Yu Qian and the others, which scared Yu Qian and the others, their legs were trembling and they were all dumbfounded!

But to their surprise, the great power did not make a move against them, but his body slowly rose into the air, and finally floated in mid-air, looking down at everything below!

At this moment, those members of the Demon Heart Sect had already started to fight and kill each other, and the Alchemy Sect elders, with those people they had rescued from the dungeon, stood in a group after the Demon Heart Sect members!


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