A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2494

“Little brother, it seems that you are also in trouble, since you saved us, we must not sit idly by, we will go with you!”

Said the Grand Elder of the Weaponry Refining Sect!

After all, they were staying here, they were unfamiliar with the place, if any situation were to arise, they wouldn’t be able to handle it, after all, this wasn’t the Celestial Realm!

As long as they followed Kai and helped him sort things out, Kai would be able to open the passage and let them return to the Celestial Realm, so that would be good!

The prisoners who were rescued all nodded their heads and were willing to follow Kai, after all, if they didn’t follow him, they wouldn’t be able to open the passage and return to the Celestial Realm!

“That’s good, I’ll send you back when we’re done with you!”

Kai nodded, it was just as well that he urgently needed help now, he was afraid that it would be very difficult for him to deal with that Demon Heart Sect by himself, even if he had Yu Qian and the others as his inside helpers, Kai did not have confidence in facing great powers of unfathomable strength!

Now that the Alchemy Sect elders and these people had chosen to help themselves, Kai would have some more helpers this way!

However, Kai did not know why this Demon Heart Sect’s dungeon was holding people from the Celestial Realm, and how on earth did these people from the Celestial Realm get here? This was a mystery to Kai!

Kai didn’t have time to think about it, then he took the Alchemy Sect elders and these people from the Celestial Human Realm and left the Demon Heart Sect secret realm and headed straight for the Questioning Dao Sect secret realm!

Just after leaving the secret realm, these people from the Celestial Human Realm felt the suppression of the laws of heaven and earth, each with a slight frown, and some even displayed painful expressions!

Luckily, after leaving the Demon Heart Sect secret realm, they soon arrived at the entrance of the Questioning Dao Sect secret realm, Kai led the crowd into the Questioning Dao Sect secret realm, the Demon Envoy also followed closely behind, Kai hadn’t taken out the seal in his mind yet, he could only follow!

At the same time, in the secret realm of the Daoist Sect, Ning Zhi was getting impatient and said anxiously, “Mighty, is Kai still coming? We’ve been waiting for so long.”

“Don’t worry, he will definitely come, but he will only come after he finishes his business!”

Danneng said indifferently!

Listening to the great power’s words, Yu Qian’s crowd behind him had already been covered in cold sweat, listening to this great power’s tone, it seemed like he knew everything Kai did!

Cold sweat continued to fall from the foreheads of the six purple-robed messengers, and the great power turned his head to look at the six purple-robed messengers and said “You guys seem to be very hot?”

“No ………… not hot ……”

Yu Qian shook his head in a hurry!

Da Neng didn’t say anything, but the slight smile at the corner of his mouth made Yu Qian and the others even more emboldened!

Soon, Kai arrived with his men in a hurry, and when he saw the scene before him, his expression became even more grave!

No wonder he hadn’t seen a few members in the Demon Heart Sect secret realm, it turned out that they had all been brought into this Question Sect secret realm, hundreds of Demon Heart Sect members, neatly arranged!

And the great power at the front, all in black robes, his body always giving off a hidden appearance!

Behind the great power were six purple-robed messengers, and Kai merely glanced at the six purple-robed messengers before withdrawing his eyes!

And among them was Yu Qian, after seeing his daughter Yu Jiameng following Kai around, he knew that Kai had saved their family!

But the fact that Kai had brought Yu Jiameng with him made Yu Qian very upset, he thought that Kai was threatening himself because of Yu Jiameng, so that they wouldn’t deny it and not stand with Kai when the time came!

“Kai, you’re finally here, I’ve been waiting for you for a long time ……”

Ning Zhi looked at Kai, his eyes slightly narrowed, and said in an icy voice!

Kai merely glanced at that Ning Zhi, but did not pay any attention to him, instead his eyes stared deadly at the great power!

In Kai’s eyes, only Da Neng was his true opponent, Ning Zhi was just a bouncing grasshopper!

“Where are my girlfriend and the others?”

Kai asked in a cold voice to Da Neng!

Da Neng didn’t say anything, his entire body stood silently, unable to see the expression on his face!


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