A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2493

“OK, we’ll walk you to the rescue ……”

The old man said!

Kai did not refuse, but led the four old men, towards the third underground level!

This time, the devil ambassador didn’t dare to follow him, because the four old men scared him, he didn’t think that there were so many unpredictable and powerful people in this dungeon!

And they were all from the Celestial Realm? He really couldn’t understand, they had always dreamed of going to the Celestial Realm, even the great powers had once said that they wanted to go to the Celestial Realm!

But how could this dungeon be holding all those from the Celestial Realm?

What was this all about?

With no one to give the Demon Envoy an answer, Kai led the four elders to the third level of the dungeon!

The third floor dungeon was at the deepest level, but the environment was not the worst, only to see that each cell held quite a few people, men and women, and even children!

“Kai? How did you …… you get here?”

Kai had just walked down the third floor when he heard someone call out to him!

It turned out to be Yu Qian’s daughter, Yu Jiameng, they had met at the Secret Realm Conference, so Yu Jiameng knew Kai!

“Miss Yu ……” Kai hurriedly walked over after seeing Yu Jiameng “I’m here to rescue you, your father found me and asked me to get you out… …”

“What the hell is going on here? Where is my father? Someone picked us up and said they were meeting my father, but they’ve locked us in here.”

Yu Jia Meng asked to Kai.

“It’s a long story, I’d better get you out of here first!”

Kai said, and with a violent force he destroyed the cell!

Soon, Kai had rescued several of the purple-robed messengers’ families, and as he returned to the ground floor of the cell, the four Alchemy Sect elders released all the prisoners!

Kai didn’t stop them, after all, these people were all enemies of the Demon Heart Sect, and releasing them would only find trouble with the Demon Heart Sect!

When Kai led the crowd out of the dungeon, the Great Elder of the Alchemy Sect felt the aura around him and immediately frowned, “This really isn’t the Celestial Realm, what the hell is going on here, how did we get brought to the Secular Realm?”

Kai did not answer him, but took out the Ninety Thousand Miles Mountain and River Map, and then said to Yu Jiameng, “Miss Yu, I will now use the teleportation array to send you back to your respective secret realms, no matter what happens, don’t leave your secret realms easily.”

As Kai finished speaking, the Ninety Thousand Miles Mountain and River Map began to flicker and the picture began to change!

“I’m not leaving, I want to find my father, I want to ask what the hell is going on here!”

Yu Jiameng would not leave at all.

Looking at the obstinate Yu Jiameng, Kai didn’t dwell too much on it because he really didn’t have too much time left!

After sending the other purple-robed messengers’ families back to their secret realms, Kai said to the Great Elder of the Alchemy Sect, “Senior, you should tear through space and time and return to the Celestial Realm, junior still has important matters to deal with, so I won’t see you off. ……”

The Grand Elder was puzzled, “We have been trapped for more than ten years and are still chained up, now we have just come out, how can we afford to tear through space and time and open the passage between the secular and celestial realms ……”

The other people also looked at each other, they also had no way to tear through space and time and open the passage!

This time, Kai was in a bit of a dilemma, although Kai had the God King Bow and could open the passage, but if he opened the passage now, it would cause him to exhaust his strength and he would need to recuperate!

But how could he have time to recuperate? Now that the Aura Recovery Formation was about to be activated, he had to rush to stop it and save his girlfriend as soon as possible.

“Seniors, why don’t you wait here, I have a very important matter to attend to, if I can come back alive, I will help you open the passage and go back to the Celestial Realm from the Secular Realm ……”

Kai said to the Great Elder of the Alchemy Sect!


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