A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2492

“Chopper Sword, it’s really the Chopper Sword, guys, check it out ……”

The old man shouted, and the other three identical old men all looked over in shock!

“A few seniors, as elders of the Alchemy Sect, why are you all locked up here? What the hell is going on here?”

Kai asked as he turned to the old men.

“Did that Iron Hammer not tell you that our Weapon Refining Sect was sneakily attacked by the Fire Burning Sect and was destroyed, and our sect leaders were all taken away, along with those of us who were taken away as senior members!”

“Except that we were held separately from the Patriarch, and we’ve been held here for over ten years!”

The old man said slowly!

“How could you all be imprisoned here again? This isn’t the Celestial Realm, this is the Secular Realm, it’s in the Demon Heart Sect’s secret realm?”

Kai was very puzzled, they should be imprisoned in the Fire Burning Sect, how could they be imprisoned in the secret dungeon of the Demon Heart Sect in the secular realm!

This was too outrageous!

“What? This is the secular world? What Demon Heart Sect? We’ve never heard of it?”

The old man said in amazement!

This confused Kai as well, it seemed that the few elders of this Alchemy Sect were locked up here, and it looked like they didn’t even know where this was!

“Let’s not talk about that first, since you are the elders of the Alchemy Sect, then we are kindred spirits, so let me save you first!”

Kai walked towards the old man!

“Don’t move, we are all controlled by formations here, it’s possible that you will be injured by the formations.”

The old man hurriedly dissuaded Kai!

But Kai did not stop, but walked straight up to the old man, and immediately afterwards, around the old man, a curtain of light appeared, enclosing the old man inside!

Kai then gently touched his hand to the curtain of light, and an aura of water ripples spread out from Kai’s fingertips!

As the ripples stirred, a dazzling golden light flashed from Kai’s fingertips, and then the formation curtain of light, like a piece of cloth, was torn apart, and a gap appeared directly, and then the curtain of light completely disappeared!

The old man looked at Kai in astonishment, he did not expect that Kai, at such a young age, could break the formation so easily!

The other few elders, seeing this scene, were also shocked and could not close their mouths.

“Elder, am I going to be able to save you by breaking this chain?”

Kai asked to the elder.

The old man nodded “Good, if you cut this chain, we will be free, but this chain doesn’t look ordinary, it is made of tungsten steel, it is incredibly hard, and …………”

Before the old man could finish his words, Kai waved the dragon chopping sword in his hand and the chain instantly turned into two pieces!

The chain was withdrawn from the old man’s body, and the wound was drenched in blood, but the old man did not care about it, but said with an excited face “Free, hahaha, I am free ……”

Kai did the same and released the other three as well!

“Little brother, we four brothers are originally quadruplets, I am the eldest, thank you so much, if not for you, we might never have seen the light of day.”

“Please accept a bow from the four of us brothers, little brother ……”

With that, the four elders were about to kneel down and pay their respects, but they were hurriedly stopped by Kai!

“A few seniors, speaking of which I have a deep connection with the Alchemy Sect, right now Master Iron Hammer is recruiting troops in the Alchemy Sect, planning to rebuild the Alchemy Sect, if a few seniors return, the Alchemy Sect will definitely be able to create glory again!”

Kai said to a few old men!

“Little brother, what is this worldly realm you just mentioned, the Demon Heart Sect? We have no impression of having left the Celestial Realm ah, is this not the dungeon of the Fire Burning Sect?”

The old man asked!

“Elder, it’s a long story, I’ll explain to you when we get out, I’m going to the third level to save people, let’s wait until we get them all out!”

Kai didn’t have time to give them a detailed explanation!


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