A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2490

The Minotaur looked at Zhong Li in shock “Sword Spirit? How can there be a sword spirit condensed from the Sword Washing Pond here?”

The bull-headed monster’s words made Kai instantly certain that this bull-headed monster was definitely from the Celestial Realm, or else it couldn’t have known about the Sword Washing Pond!

At this moment, a long sword instantly appeared in Zhong Li’s hand and he chopped it towards the bull-headed monster!

“Don’t kill him ……”

Kai stopped Zhong Li because he had something to ask the bull-headed monster!

This was the secret realm of the Demon Heart Sect, which belonged to the secular realm, and this bull-headed monster was a demonic beast from the Celestial Human Realm, so how did it get here? And how did it become the guard of the Demon Heart Sect’s dungeon?

Could it be that the Demon Heart Sect had a connection with the Celestial Realm?

If the Demon Heart Sect had a connection with the Celestial Realm, then it would be much harder for Kai to eradicate the Demon Heart Sect!

Kai walked towards the bull-headed monster and coldly looked down at it, “Are you from the Celestial Realm? Why are you here, and what is your relationship with the Demon Heart Sect?”

Kai threw several questions at the bull-headed monster in a row, wanting to get answers from the bull-headed monster’s mouth!

But who knows, the bull-headed monster grinned “Since you know about the Celestial Realm and that I come from the Celestial Realm, then you should know that the Demon Heart Sect is just …………”

The bull-headed monster seemed to want to say something, but before he could finish his sentence, his body suddenly trembled violently, and then his body burst into flames!

In an instant, the bull-headed monster was burnt into black charcoal, dead beyond belief ……

Kai, who saw this scene, frowned tightly together!

Kai turned back to the demon ambassador who had already been stunned and asked coldly “How many of these monsters does your Demon Heart Sect have?”

“I …… don’t know, I never knew that such monsters existed in our Demon Heart Sect.”

The devil ambassador shook his head desperately!

This was also the first time he had seen such a bull-headed monster today!

“Aren’t you the Demon Envoy of the Demon Heart Sect? You’re also considered a high ranking figure of the Demon Heart Sect, but you don’t know anything?”

Kai asked with some disbelief.

The Demon Envoy said with some embarrassment, “Although I am the Demon Envoy of the Demon Heart Sect, many things are decided by the Great Might alone, and I have never been in this dungeon, the Great Might does not allow us to go in!”

“It seems that there are unspeakable secrets within this dungeon, I will go and see ……”

Kai finished speaking and walked directly within the dungeon.

The devil ambassador looked at Kai who walked in, after hesitating, he also followed and walked in, the devil ambassador was also very curious about the inside of the dungeon!

After Kai walked into the dungeon, a damp and cold smell came over him, and it carried an unpleasant odour!

On the top of the dungeon, water dripped down from time to time, making the dungeon damp!

The stone walls on both sides were covered with moss, making the environment very poor!

Looking at such a poor environment, Kai knew why Yu Qian and the others had sought his cooperation to save his family!

No one could accept having their own family members locked up in such a place!

Kai followed the gloomy dungeon tunnel and made his way down. To Kai’s surprise, there were no mechanisms or guards set up inside this dungeon, only the one minotaur at the entrance was on guard!

“Could it be that this dungeon isn’t important? Why else would there be not a single guard inside and no formation mechanism?”

Kai muttered in a low voice as he continued to walk forward!

The sword spirit, Zhong Li, was following close behind Kai, his eyes full of vigilance, protecting Kai at all times!

And the demon envoy was following behind, even though Kai’s back was to him, he didn’t dare have the slightest mischief in mind!

Soon, Kai was blocked by a bronze door in front of him. Looking at the bronze door, Kai knew that this was the first level of the dungeon, and Yu Qian had said that their family was on the third level, so Kai and the others had to go through here to get there!


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