A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2488

The devil ambassador knew that if Kai died, he was afraid that he wouldn’t survive either, and he didn’t want to die!

Aura recovery was just around the corner, he was waiting for this day, when they could do whatever they wanted in the secular world, so he didn’t want to die now!

“It doesn’t matter, you can go over first ……”

Kai said with a calm face!

Seeing this, the Devil Envoy could only rely on the Devil Heart Sect mark on his body and go through the formation!

This time, Kai walked into the formation, but did not disappear his figure as he had done.

After Kai stepped into the formation, the entire scene in front of him instantly changed!

What Kai saw at this moment was actually Su Yuqi and the girls, only to see Su Yuqi and the girls standing quietly in front of the stone statue, each with a very calm expression!

Soon, they were sucked into the stone statue, followed by a thunderstorm in the sky, lightning flashed, and countless purple lightning bolts blasted at the stone statue!

Seeing this scene, Kai’s whole body became anxious and desperately shouted for Su Yuqi …………

And in the eyes of the demon envoy, Kai was shouting like a fool, he knew that Kai had been bewitched by the formation, but there was nothing he could do, he could only rely on Kai to come out himself!

At the same time, in the secret realm of the Questioning Sect, the great power led the crowd of the Demon Heart Sect to stand neatly in front of the towering stone statues, and within these stone statues, Su Yuqi and the others, who had special physiques, had all been sucked in!

“Now we’re just waiting for that Kai to arrive, and the Aura Recovery Formation can be activated, then the entire secular world will be ours ……”

The great power spoke excitedly!

Yu Qian and the six purple-robed messengers stood behind the great power, not daring to speak, at this moment all six of them were very anxious inside, not knowing if Kai had saved their families!

“Great Might, should I go and capture that Kai now?”

Beside Da Neng, Ning Zhi said with a spirited look on his face!

At this moment, Ning Zhi had already reached the peak strength of the Harmonization Realm, as long as he could break through the Harmonization Realm and reach the strength of the Harmonization Realm after the Great Aura Recovery Formation was activated this time, at that time, he would be a true half-immortal body, coupled with the special physique of his Inferno Demon Body ……

Ning Zhi had already thought of the image of him travelling to the Immortal Realm, he had never imagined that he, once an ordinary martial artist, could now become a god ……

But what Ning Zhi didn’t know was that the path of immortality cultivation was exceptionally difficult, and even if one reached the merged body realm, one was only halfway through the path of immortality cultivation, which is why they were called half immortals, and it was the later path of immortality cultivation that was the most difficult and cruel!

The resources needed to reach ascension after the tribulation, for each small realm, are immeasurable, whether it is the cultivators in the secret realm, or the immortals in the Celestial Realm, or even the immortals in other space worlds, adding up to more than ten million!

Even when they reach the final ascension realm, thousands of cultivators die on their way to the immortal realm!

At this moment, Ning Zhi was only at the peak of the Realm of Transformation, and he was even thinking freely of the scene where he became a god.

The great power glanced at Ning Zhi, then said indifferently “There’s no need to catch him, I’m sure he’ll be here soon, given Kai’s character, there’s no way he’ll watch his girlfriend and leave her alone.”

“Right, right, that Kai will definitely not watch his girlfriend and not care, he will definitely come on his own, we’d better wait ……”

Yu Qian hurriedly echoed!

At this time, they could only stall and give Kai plenty of time to save their family!

Da Neng glanced back at Yu Qian and smiled meaningfully, but not much.

It was this smile from Da Neng that sent a shiver down Yu Qian’s spine, sending cold sweat straight up his body!

He saw that the great power’s eyes seemed to pierce through everything, and this had to make Yu Qian nervous!


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