A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2487

After passing through the first spell formation, the devil ambassador looked at Kai and said, “The power of this spell formation is not small, did you see it this time?”

Kai nodded, just now, when the devil ambassador passed through the spell formation, along with the fluctuation of aura, Kai only discovered the existence of the spell formation!

It seemed that this formation was indeed quite powerful, but Kai was not afraid, instead, he walked into the formation with a calm face and a smile on his face, accompanied by a fluctuation, Kai’s figure actually disappeared, disappeared into the formation!

Looking at the disappearing Kai, the devil ambassador’s face was very grave, at this moment Kai must be trapped in the formation, if he escaped at this time, Kai would definitely have no way to stop him!

But when he thought of the brand that Kai had just imprinted on his mind, the devil had put away his thoughts of escape.

If he really ran away, his head might explode!

“Kai, Kai …………”

The devil ambassador shouted in a small voice in front of him.

But there was no sign of Kai in front of him at all, Kai was trapped in the formation at this moment, which made the devil envoy anxious enough, if this Kai was trapped in the formation and could never get out, would the brand in his brain kill him?

He looked at the formation, and although the formation was indeed very powerful, it was still unbeatable in Kai’s eyes!

Kai found the eye of the formation at a glance, once he found the eye of the formation, it would be much easier to break the formation!

In about ten minutes, Kai broke the first formation, and then his figure slowly appeared!

When the devil ambassador saw that Kai had broken the formation and come out, he was immediately happy, as long as Kai was alive, he did not have to die!

And Kai felt a little surprised to see this Devil Envoy still obediently staying where he was!

“Why didn’t you escape while I was trapped in the formation?”

Kai asked to the demon envoy!

“Where would I escape to? You have placed a brand in my mind, if I run away, you will definitely detonate the brand and make my brain burst.”

The devil ambassador said truthfully!

As soon as Kai heard this, he laughed, knowing that the Devil Envoy had also thought about running away, only to weigh the pros and cons and choose to stay!

“You are very self-aware, all you have to do is bring me into the dungeon and I will spare your life.”

Kai said to the Demon Envoy!

“Kai, I can take you to the dungeon, but it won’t be so easy to enter the dungeon, you should know that the dungeon is heavily guarded, and the leader of the dungeon guards among them is not lower in status than me in the Demon Heart Sect!”

“I have no way to order him, so you can only rely on yourself to find a way to enter the dungeon, as for what to do in the dungeon, you don’t need to tell me, I don’t want to know either!”

The devil ambassador barked at Kai!

“The dungeon actually has special guards?”

When Kai heard this, his brows furrowed, he didn’t think that a status like Devil Envoy would be bad in a dungeon!

But since he was already here, he could only take one step and see what happened!

“Just take me to the entrance of the dungeon, I’ll handle the rest myself!”

Kai said to the Demon Envoy!

The Demon Envoy nodded, then once again led Kai towards the other side of the mountain peak!

Unknowingly, the two reached the second formation, but this time, Kai could really feel the presence of the formation!

And this time, the formation was so much stronger than the first one that Kai was not even sure of it!

“The formation of this one will disturb one’s mind, don’t look at this formation so exposed, it must not be powerful, that great power is to confuse the enemy, so that those who come to sneak into the cell will fold here.”

The devil ambassador spoke bitterly to Kai and persuaded him!


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