A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2486

Zhong Li, on the other hand, followed those members of the Demon Heart Sect and fought!

Zhong Li’s strength was no match for these Demon Heart Sect’s minions!

“You still want to run? You won’t be able to run away ……”

Kai looked at the Demon Envoy with a cold smile on his face.

“Kai, what exactly do you want to do when you come to my Demon Heart Sect?”

“Now that the Great Power and also that Ning Zhi are not in the Demon Heart Sect’s secret realm, did you come here just to kill us irrelevant people?”

The Devil Envoy asked at Kai.

“I did not come to kill you, as long as you take me to your dungeon now, I can spare you ……”

Kai said to the devil ambassador!

“Go to the dungeon? What are you going to the dungeon for?” The devil ambassador looked surprised!

“That’s not for you to worry about, you just need to take me there!”

Kai said with some impatience!

“There is no way I can take you there, even if you kill me ……”

The devil ambassador knew the methods of the great powers, if he took Kai to the dungeon now, then afterwards he would be worse off than dead!

“It’s not up to you whether you go or not ……”

Kai finished speaking and casually struck out a light flurry!

This light flurry instantly entered the Demon Envoy’s body, instantly causing the Demon Envoy’s body to act as if it had froze!

Immediately afterwards, the Devil Ambassador’s body was like a flame burning, and his internal organs felt like they had been put on fire!

But at this moment, the Demon Ambassador couldn’t move, couldn’t even make a sound, he could only suffer from the flames!

The pain was so intense that the Devil’s forehead was instantly covered in cold sweat!

The Demon Envoy’s face turned hideous as he looked at Kai incredulously, he didn’t expect that in just a few months’ time, Kai’s strength had surpassed him by so much!

He couldn’t even fight back in front of Kai, knowing that a few months ago, he hadn’t even put Kai in his eyes!

Kai flicked his finger, and a light instantly struck the knot of the Demon Envoy’s throat, causing that Demon Envoy to be able to make a sound!

“Ah …………”

“Ah …………”

The Devil Envoy screamed in agony, while the other members of the Devil Heart Sect, hearing the Devil Envoy’s miserable screams, had long since become unmotivated to fight and tried to escape, only to have all of them beheaded by Zhong Li!

“I …… I’ll take you there ……”

The devil ambassador finally couldn’t take it anymore and could only compromise!

Seeing this, Kai beckoned his hand and a spiritual light flew out from the Devil Envoy’s body, which allowed the Devil Envoy to let out a long breath!

It was like being sent to the eighteenth level of hell and being tortured by fire, it was too painful!

The Demon Envoy panted heavily and took a long time to recover!

“Don’t delay, take me to the dungeon ……”

Kai said to the devil ambassador!

“I can take you there, but there is no way for me to lift that formation, only those who are of the Demon Heart Sect and have the brand of a great power on them can go through that formation, otherwise going through it will definitely cause it to activate.”

The devil ambassador said to Kai!

“You just lead the way for me, you don’t need to worry about the formation ……”

Kai said!

Upon hearing this, the Devil Envoy could only nod and lead Kai out of the courtyard!

Kai then punched a seal into the Devil Envoy’s eyebrow, so that the Devil Envoy wouldn’t dare to play tricks!

Zhong Li transformed into the Dragon Cutting Sword and returned to Kai’s body.

With the devil envoy in front and Kai behind, they headed towards the back of the mountain!

After walking some distance, the Devil’s Envoy spoke, “The first formation is ahead, you must break the formation if you want to pass it.”

Kai looked at the empty space in front of him, and even if his divine sense radiated out, he was unable to detect the formation, which made Kai feel very strange!

“Why can’t I feel the presence of a formation in front of me?”

Kai asked in amazement.

“This is a formation laid by a great power himself, so you can feel it if I pass through it.”

The devil ambassador said and walked straight forward, soon a burst of aura fluctuated, accompanied by a flash of light, and the devil ambassador passed through that formation!


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