A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2485

Yu Qian took Kai directly into the secret realm of the Demon Heart Sect, and then instructed, “The dungeon is in the back of this mountain, but to get to it, you have to pass through three formations, and you have to find a way to control a person from the Demon Heart Sect, so that he can take you in.”

“This dungeon, a few of us have no way to get close to it, the next step is up to you, right now the great power is not in the Demon Heart Sect, but you can’t be careless, the moment there is any movement in this formation, that great power will sense it.”

“I’m going to leave to rush to the secret realm of the Questioning Sect, or else I’ll be suspected by the great power, you have to move fast.”

Yu Qian said and left, he had to find a way to stall the great power, he couldn’t let the great power find Kai for now!

While Yu Qian was gone, Kai observed the terrain of the Demonic Heart Sect!

He saw a courtyard at the foot of the mountain, so Kai concealed his aura and walked over to it, there must be someone from the Demon Heart Sect in this courtyard!

Kai was unfamiliar with the area, and he didn’t know where the three formations were, so he didn’t dare to go and save them!

When Kai arrived outside the courtyard, he heard a familiar voice coming from inside the courtyard!

“Hahahaha, today is the day when the Aura Recovery Formation will be activated, after the Aura Recovery, we no longer have to be trapped in this tiny secret realm, then the whole secular world will be ours.”

A loud laugh came out from the courtyard!

“Lord Demon Envoy, when the aura recovers, will the great powers really give those few purple-robed messengers a share of the land and crown them kings and worship them?”

“I see that those few people are now in a much higher position than you in the Demon Heart Sect ……”

A member of the Demon Heart Sect asked.

“Hmph, those few people are just resources for the great powers, how can the great powers crown them as kings and worship them, when the aura recovers, they will also become cultivation resources for the great powers.”

“We are the core members of the Demon Heart Sect, we are the heart of the great powers ……”

The devil ambassador said with a cold snort!

As Kai listened to that Devil Envoy’s words, he understood that Yu Qian wasn’t a liar, and it looked like the Great Power really didn’t consider them, the purple-robed messengers, as his own people!

Kai knew that time was short, so he didn’t continue listening, but walked straight into the courtyard!

With Kai’s current skills, it was still more than enough to deal with the Demon Envoy and a few members of the Demon Heart Sect in front of him!

“Who are you? How dare you barge into my Demon Heart Sect?”

Just as Kai walked into the courtyard, he was spotted by a member of the Demon Heart Sect, shouting at Kai!

Upon hearing this, the Devil Envoy hurriedly got up and looked over, and when he saw Kai, he froze in his tracks!

“Kai?” The Devil Envoy was filled with surprise!

And the other members of the Demon Heart Sect were also shocked when they heard the word Kai, they didn’t expect Kai to dare to come to the Demon Heart Sect secret realm!

“Your scheming is good, except that you treat others as fools, are they really foolish?”

Kai said with a cold smile on his face!

“Kai, you …… How did you appear here, shouldn’t you be asking about the secret realm of the Dao Sect right now?”

“To know that your girlfriend is still there, don’t you want to just her?”

The devil ambassador asked in a very strange manner.

“Of course I would save it, just not now, I have more important things to do right now ……”

As Kai finished speaking, a terrifying aura instantly erupted from his body, an aura that instantly overwhelmed everyone in the courtyard!

Feeling the terrifying aura on Kai’s body, the devil ambassadors and those members of the Demon Heart Sect were terrified, they didn’t expect Kai’s current strength to reach such a terrifying level!

“You guys stop him, I will immediately go and inform the great powers ……”

With an order, the Devil Envoy told a dozen members of the Demon Heart Sect to stop Kai while he was going to inform the Great Powers!

But just as the Devil Envoy turned to run, a light suddenly flashed across Kai’s body, followed by the appearance of the sword spirit Zhong Li!

“Zhong Li, I’ll leave these little minions to you ……”

After Kai finished speaking, he leapt and stopped directly in front of that demon envoy!


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