A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2484

Day 2!

Yu Qian found Kai here and told him the plan after him!

And Kai knew that on the day the Great Aura Recovery Formation was activated, the great powers would definitely threaten Su Yuqi and the girls with their lives to make themselves go there.

For only after they had all arrived would the Aura Recovery Formation truly be activated!

Yu Qian saw Kai’s worry and said, “Don’t worry, as long as you don’t show up, the great power won’t dare to kill your girlfriends, because they are also an important part of the Aura Recovery Formation.”

“And we will definitely be there, we will do our best to dissuade the great power and give you time to delay ……”

“When you save our family members, we’ll work together from the inside to destroy that Aura Recovery Grand Formation and exterminate the Demon Heart Sect!”

“If you don’t cooperate with us, with your current strength, there is no way you can follow the Demon Heart Sect to fight, once the Aura Recovery Grand Formation is among them and the secular world’s aura recovers, then it will be our time to die.”

“Do you think the great power will let you go? Do you think he will let your family go?”

“The Dragon Sect that you have worked so hard to create, I’m afraid that by that time, blood will be spilled and nothing will remain!”

Yu Qian spoke to Kai about the pros and cons, and Kai knew that Yu Qian was right!

If the aura really revived, not to mention his Dragon Sect, the entire martial arts world in the secular world would suffer!

These martial artists would not be a match for those cultivators, and they would only become slaves by then!

And the whole secular world would be in constant strife and in turmoil, and the last thing Kai wanted to see was this situation!

“Good, then on the day the Aura Recovery Formation is activated, I will help you save your family, but when that day comes, you have to find a way to bring me into the Demon Heart Sect in advance!”

Kai said!

“That’s natural, just wait in peace!” Yu Qian said and quickly left, bearing the suppression of the laws of heaven and earth, every minute he stayed, Yu Qian felt very uncomfortable!

Time passed day by day, and the time for the Aura Recovery Formation to start was near!

During this period of time, Kai was singing night and day, Ji Ru Xue and the others could hardly resist Kai!

Luckily, with the sword spirit Zhong Li around, whenever Ji Ruxue and the others needed a break, the sword spirit Zhong Li would appear and serve Kai wholeheartedly!

After all, Zhong Li was a sword spirit, so she was stronger than a human in every way, so even if she had to deal with Kai alone, she would no longer be able to do so.

In these few days, Kai fell into a tender place and spent the whole day in a drunken dream, so he was very happy.

Kai himself did not know whether he would be able to destroy the Great Formation and exterminate the Demon Heart Sect on the day the Aura Recovery Formation was activated, as he had hoped.

Maybe he would be killed by the great power, after all, the strength of the Devil Heart Sect’s great power was unfathomable!

So Kai was desperately trying to have fun these days!

These few days Kai was very happy, and the one who was even happier than Kai was Long Ruotong, who had been looking forward to having a big grandson of her own!

The most depressed person in these few days was Pocky Hu, watching Kai Tian sing night and day, accompanied by so many beautiful women, making Pocky Hu’s eyes drop with envy.

Although Pocky Hu had Zhou Jie with him and was fighting night after night, but for a man like Pocky Hu, he was not willing to have only one woman around him.

He could only listen to the sounds of pleasure coming from Kai’s room all day long, and he could only be envious!

“Today, it is the day when the Great Aura Recovery Formation will be activated …………”

Kai looked at the azure sky and muttered to himself!

Soon, Yu Qian came, and the two just looked at each other and didn’t say anything more, before Kai followed Yu Qian and left.


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