A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2483

In the secret realm of the Devil’s Heart Sect, six purple-robed messengers are spaced apart!

“Gentlemen, I have already followed Kai to meet with him, and he promised me that he could help us get our loved ones out, now we need to think of a foolproof plan to do so.”

Yu Qian said to the other few people.

“Master Yu, the entire Demon Heart Sect secret dungeon is heavily guarded, and I have secretly inquired, our family members are locked up in the most tightly guarded third underground level, it looks like the great powers are also afraid that we will strike to save our family members, so they have guarded against us from the start.”

“Now I’m afraid that even if that Kai is willing to cooperate and help, it will be hard to save our family members ……”

Yao Qisheng said with a sigh!

Upon hearing Yao Qisheng’s words, several purple-robed messengers lowered their heads, all with sadness on their faces.

“Whether it’s difficult or not, we have to give it a try before we can do so, we can’t watch our own families suffer and watch our disciples become resources for others, we have to resist.”

Yu Qian said with a determined face.

“Yes, we have to resist to do so, otherwise if the Great Aura Recovery Formation is activated and the entire secular world really has aura recovery, the great powers won’t let a few of us go.”

“Maybe a few of us will also become the cultivation resources of the great powers by then!”

Wind Realm Smoke’s eyes flashed with a brilliant aura as he said loudly!

“I didn’t say we wouldn’t be saved either, only that the dungeon is too strict, we must think of a countermeasure, otherwise if we act rashly and fail, then not only will my family be unprotected, even a few of us will die without a burial place.”

Yao Qisheng said!

“I do have a plan ……”

Wind Realm Smoke said.

“What plan?” Several other purple-robed messengers asked in unison.

“We have to move towards rescuing our family members only when the Demon Heart Sect is at its most relaxed, and the day the Demon Heart Sect is at its most relaxed is the day the Great Aura Recovery Formation is activated.”

“At that time, the great powers will definitely bring people to the secret realm of the Questioning Dao Sect to prepare for the activation of that Great Aura Recovery Formation, and that time is when the Demon Heart Sect is at its most slack, so we can take the opportunity to save our family members.”

Wind Realm Smoke said!

Hearing Feng Jing Yan’s plan, everyone was silent!

Yao Shenghui then said “Master Wind Valley, although your plan is good, the Demon Heart Sect will definitely be the most lax on that day, but by the time that day comes, I’m afraid that not many disciples from our several secret realms will be left to be absorbed by that Ning Zhi.”

“Besides, as purple-robed emissaries of the Demon Heart Sect, we will definitely be carried around by the great powers on that day as well, so we won’t have any chance to save anyone at all, and that Kai is the key to activating the Great Aura Recovery Formation, so he will definitely be threatened by the great powers to go to the secret realm of the Questioning Sect as well, so who will save our families?”

Yao Shenghui’s retort was echoed by several others, although Wind Realm Smoke’s plan was good, and that day was indeed the most lax time for the Demon Heart Sect, but they simply didn’t have time on that day either!

“I’ve calculated, the day the Aura Recovery Formation is activated, the great powers will threaten Kai to go to the Questioning Dao Sect, there will definitely be a time gap, just so Kai can use that time gap to go to the Demon Heart Sect to save the people.”

“And a few of us can stall for Kai in the secret realm of the Questioning Dao Sect to keep the great power steady, and as soon as our family is rescued, we will immediately flip out.”

“As for those disciples of ours, we can only let them be sacrificed, as this is the best way I can think of, there is no way we can save our families and all those disciples.”

Wind Realm Smoke said with a downcast expression!

Because he was also unwilling to do this, unwilling to let his disciples die, but now there was simply no other way out.

As the others listened, they fell silent, all pondering!

“Let’s do what Lord Wind Valley wants, there is no such thing as perfection in the world, it would be good enough to save our families.”

“I’m making a trip to find that Kai and explain the plan to him, you all need to act normal, don’t let the great powers see the situation.”

Yu Qian finished and waved his hand for the crowd to disband, if they gathered for a long time, they were afraid that the great powers would find out the abnormality.


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