A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2482

Yu Qian didn’t hide anything and told Kai everything that had happened recently!

There was also the matter of Ning Zhi relying on the disciples of their several secret realms as resources to keep raising his cultivation level!

Although Kai had already been prepared, he was still shocked when he heard that Ning Zhi was using the disciples of the several Great Mystic Realms, living human beings, as resources, absorbing them by the dozens and dozens a day!

But Kai looked at Yu Qian and said, “As purple-robed emissaries of the Demon Heart Sect, you should serve the Demon Heart Sect, since you have joined the Demon Heart Sect, you should have this awareness ……”

“We have joined the Demon Heart Sect, but we are only cooperating with the Demon Heart Sect, that great power has promised us that when the aura recovers, we will be given the land in the secular world.”

“We have been trapped in the secret realm for so many years, our cultivation speed is deteriorating day by day, if we cultivate in the secret realm, I am afraid that we will never have the chance to step into the celestial realm in our lifetime.”

“As you know, which cultivator isn’t aiming to ascend to immortality, that’s why we agreed to that Demonic Heart Sect great!”

“But now the Demon Heart Sect is obviously treating us as cannon fodder, when the time comes, even if the Great Aura Recovery Formation is activated and the entire secular realm recovers its aura, I’m afraid there won’t be a place for us!”

“That’s why we seek your cooperation, hoping to save our family members and then destroy the Aura Recovery and exterminate that Demon Heart Sect.”

“Even if we remain trapped in the secret realm, we are unwilling to lose our loved ones and our many disciples ……”

Yu Qian followed Kai with great excitement!

After hearing Yu Qian’s words, Kai sighed softly and said “The Celestial Realm, perhaps it is not as beautiful as you imagine, that place is far more cruel than here ……”

Yu Qian was stunned and looked at Kai incredulously, “You’ve been to the Celestial Realm?”

Kai nodded “To tell you the truth, I just returned from the Celestial Human Realm ……”

Hearing Kai’s words, Yu Qian was silent for a long time, they had worked hard all their lives to go to the Celestial Realm, but they had never been able to go!

But Kai was so young, and his strength realm was not very high, but he was able to go to the Celestial Realm, and he could come and go as he pleased!

This is simply a case of people dying compared to others, and goods being thrown away. ……

“Kai, I bear the suppression of the laws of heaven and earth, also come to see you secretly, absolutely no intention to deceive you, you only need to save our family members, we can help you destroy the Demon Heart Sect without distraction!”

Yu Qian assured with a solemn face!

Kai looked at Yu Qian, Kai said for a moment “I can trust you, but how am I going to save your family?”

“Our family members are locked up in the secret dungeon of the Demon Heart Sect, because we are always being watched, so it is impossible for us to go near the dungeon, I can bring you into the secret realm of the Demon Heart Sect, any chance you find to release our family members will be fine.”

“We will meet you then, as long as our families leave, we will never have to fear anything again.”

“After this incident, a few of us have thought it through, we can’t leave behind our relatives, we can’t leave behind our seven emotions, even if we can’t become immortal, we can’t stand by and watch our families and disciples in danger!”

Only then did Yu Qian realise that kinship was more important than becoming immortal!

“Good, I can help you guys.” Kai said with a nod!

“Great, you can rest first, I will come to pick you up after I go back to discuss the matter and go to the Demon Heart Sect secret realm.”

Yu Qian was very happy, and left quickly after he finished speaking!

He was afraid that if he left for too long, he would be discovered by the great powers, then they would have lost all their work!

And after Yu Qian left, Kai fell into deep contemplation. In fact, Kai had no idea at all about the authenticity of this matter, he was just gambling.


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