A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2479

Kai was a little annoyed, but Mr. Shi was looking for him, and Kai couldn’t help but go!

Besides, Mr. Shi said he had a month to live himself, and now that it was almost a month, Kai wanted to go and see how Mr. Shi was doing!

Following Xing Jun to the Protector’s Pavilion, Kai went into Mr Shi’s office while Xing Jun had the good sense to leave!

“Have a seat ……”

Seeing that Kai had arrived, Mr. Shi said.

Kai carefully looked at Mr. Shi twice and found that Mr. Shi looked very well and his body breath was very stable, he did not look very sick, no matter how he looked at Mr. Shi, he did not look like someone who was going to die.

“Mr. Shi, looking at you, you look very well, you are not injured or sick, this will soon be a month, you should be fine, right?”

Kai asked to Mr. Shi.

Mr. Shi smiled and said “Who told you that I died of illness?”

“You didn’t die of illness? Then how did you die? With your current skills, I’m afraid that no one in the secular world is your opponent, much less someone who can kill you, right?”

Kai asked.

“Haha, there is indeed no one in the mundane world who can kill me, except that I deserve this fate, and it is the heavens who will take me away when the time comes.”

Mr. Shi laughed!

Kai felt very puzzled when he looked at Mr. Shi who was about to die and still managed to laugh, and didn’t look scared at all!

“Mr. Shi, since you know when you are going to die, can you change your fate against the heavens? You won’t go anywhere on that day, is that okay?”

Kai asked.

But Mr. Shi shook his head “My destiny is such that if I don’t die, then it will be a disaster for the living and other people to go and die, there are times when our own lives are not in our own hands.”

Kai was speechless for a moment, he could not understand what fate Mr. Shi was talking about.

Why did Shi not die, then the living souls would be wiped out?

Seeing Kai’s silence, Mr Shi hurriedly changed the subject, he didn’t want this heavy topic to affect Kai’s mood!

“You’ve just returned from the Celestial Realm?”

Mr Shi asked.

Kai nodded and then said with a surprised look on his face “How did you know I went to the Celestial Realm?”

“Hahahahaha, you still have the aura of the Celestial Realm on you, and you still have the power of the Golden Phosphorus Stone of the Celestial Realm in your body, it’s too easy to tell.”

Mr Shi laughed out loud!

Kai looked at Mr. Shi in confusion, the more he looked at Mr. Shi the more alarmed he became!

Mr Shi was clearly in the Secular Realm, and even though Mr Shi was highly powerful, how could he know so many things about the Celestial Realm?

“Mr. Shi, how do you know all these things about the Celestial Realm? And you even know about the Golden Phosphorus Stone?”

Kai asked out his doubts!

Mr. Shi smiled faintly “The Celestial Realm, I am too familiar with it, I know even every blade of grass and tree in the Celestial Realm like the back of my hand.”

Hearing Mr. Shi’s words, Kai was instantly frozen!

“Are you …… you from the Celestial Realm? But why did you come from the Celestial Human Realm to this secular realm?”

Kai asked.

But at this time, Mr. Shi smiled and did not answer Kai, but said “Seven days later is the day when the Great Aura Recovery Formation will be activated, you should be prepared, there are some things that it is not the time to let you know now, when you can be proud of the world, perhaps you will be able to see things that you cannot see now… ………”

Mr. Shi’s words caused Kai to fall into deep contemplation, he felt that he had come step by step, no matter how hard he worked and how strong he became, but in front of Mr. Shi, he was still weak and still had to be under Mr. Shi’s protection!

After all this time, Kai had never known what Mr. Shi was, not even his name!

Mr. Shi was both familiar and unfamiliar to Kai, except that Mr. Shi’s care for Kai, that was real.

After chatting with Mr. Shi for a while, Kai left the Protector’s Pavilion and returned to the Dragon Sect!


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