A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2478

“What kind of person is looking for me?” Kai was wondering what kind of person was looking for him, and what was important.

“He said his name was Yu Qian and he was from some Heavenly Gate Secret Realm, I asked him to leave his address so I could go find him after you came back, but he ended up leaving without staying either.”

Long Xingxu said!

“Yu Qian?” Kai was shocked, he didn’t expect how this Yu Qian had left the secret realm and come to the secular world to look for himself?

One must know that they, the cultivators, leaving the secret realm to come to the secular realm, were in great pain, having to suffer the suppression of the laws of heaven and earth, and in serious cases, their strength would regress!

Moreover, this Yu Qian was one of the purple-robed emissaries of the Devil Heart Sect, Kai knew all this, he could not understand why Yu Qian came to the mundane world to look for himself?

And that important matter, what exactly was it?

Kai couldn’t understand what Yu Qian’s purpose in finding himself was!

But no matter what one’s purpose was, then since Yu Qian dared to come to find himself, he must have something.

“Xing Xu, keep an eye out, if that Yu Qian comes again, inform me immediately!”

Kai barked at Long Xingxu!

“I understand!” Long Xingxu nodded and left!

Just as Long Xing Xu left, Ge Fuhai hurriedly came over and said anxiously after seeing Kai, “Mr. Chen, the Ge clan leader has been looking for you, I came here as soon as I heard that you had returned.

“Elder Ge is looking for me, what’s the matter?” Kai did not expect that so many people would be looking for him during the time he had been away!

“I’m not sure, Clan Elder Ge is waiting for you in the secret realm.” Ge Fuhai said!

“Alright then, let’s go to the secret realm to find him.”

After Kai finished speaking, he took out the Ninety Thousand Miles Mountain and River Map and directly teleported himself and Ge Fuhai to the Secret Realm of the Fire Sect through the Ninety Thousand Miles Mountain and River Map!

Upon seeing Ge Cansheng, Ge Cansheng immediately greeted him and said to Kai, “Mr. Chen, something big has happened in the Eight Great Secret Realms.”

“What’s wrong? Did people from the other Mystic Realms come to attack the Fire Gate Mystic Realm?”

Kai had only exterminated the purple-robed messengers from the Fire Sect Secret Realm and Thunder Sect Secret Realm, but there must be purple-robed messengers from the Demon Heart Sect in the other six secret realms as well!

So Kai had thought that these purple-robed emissaries had brought people to attack the Fire Sect Mystic Realm through the teleportation array!

“No, now apart from our Fire Sect Secret Realm and Thunder Sect Secret Realm, there is no one from the other secret realms, they have all disappeared, they don’t know where they have gone.”

“I suspect that the sudden disappearance of these people could be some kind of conspiracy.”

Ge Cansheng said to Kai!

“What? Disappeared? All of them have disappeared?”

Kai was astonished, not understanding how the people from the other secret realms had suddenly disappeared.

One should know that these people were all cultivators, and all of them were not low in strength, and that Yu Qian from the Heavenly Gate Secret Realm was afraid that he had already surpassed the peak of the Transformation Realm.

With so many experts, how could they have disappeared all of a sudden?

Where the hell had these people gone?

“Could it be that Yu Qian was looking for me and followed these people of theirs from the secret realm to disappear in connection?”

Kai frowned and muttered to himself, he felt that that Yu Qian’s sudden search for himself must have followed the disappearance of all the people from the other few secret realms!

“Mr. Chen, that Yu Qian has searched for you?”

Ge Cansheng asked in surprise.

Kai nodded “He went to the secular world to look for me, only that I was not there and did not know what this Yu Qian was looking for me for.”

“It’s too strange, so Mr. Chen should still be careful in the future.”

Ge Cansheng admonished Kai!

“I know!”

Kai had just returned to Kyoto after leaving the Fire Gate Secret Realm, and before he could enter the Dragon Gate, he was stopped by Xing Jun!

“Kai, Mr. Shi has an invitation ……”

Xing Jun said to Kai!

Kai only felt a pang in his head, he had just returned, he hadn’t even officially rested for a few days, and he was being approached one after another!


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