A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2477


After Kai returned to the secular world with Hu Ma Zi, he rushed to the Dragon Gate in Kyoto without stopping!

He wanted to see if there was anything happening in Kyoto, and he wanted to see his mother, ever since he had rescued his mother, Kai had not spent any time with his mother properly.

“You kid, you’ve been gone for many days without any news at all, thanks to Ruxue and the girls accompanying me all day, I want to hold my grandchildren, when are you going to take up the matter?”

After seeing Kai, Long Ruotong pretended to be angry and asked Kai!

“Mom, I’ve been busy with some things lately, so the matter of holding a grandson will come after a while, right?”

Kai squatted beside Long Ruotong and kept pounding her legs!

“You have something to do, don’t you even have time to sleep at night?”

“Ruoxue and the few of them are fine at home all day, you just need to keep them company at night for a bit, the matter of giving birth to a child does not need you, when the time comes, I will help you watch ……”

Long Ruotong glared at Kai and said!

Kai also knew how his mother felt right now, which parent doesn’t want their children and grandchildren to be full of grandchildren!

“Mom, in two days, in two days I will ……”

“No need to spend two days, you have to share a room with Ruxue and the girls tonight, or I won’t recognize you as my son.”

“I have now sent someone to shout at them, tonight you will sleep here, don’t go anywhere.”

Not waiting for Kai to finish, Long Ruotong directly interrupted and said!

It looked like Long Ruotong was determined to let Kai follow Ji Ruxue and the girls into the same room today!

Soon, Ji Ruoxue and the girls were called in, and when they saw Kai who had returned, the girls were all very happy!

“Come over here, you few ……”

Long Ruotong waved towards Ji Ruxue and the girls!

Ji Ruxue, Gu Ling’er, Ge Jiayi, Ge Yuhan, Xiao Lan and several of them gathered around and began to give Long Ruotong a back and shoulder massage.

“Listen, you guys, who will be here tonight, Kai will also sleep here, no one is allowed to leave tonight.”

“You guys have to work harder to make your bellies fight for their lives and give me a big grandson sooner.”

Long Ruotong said to a few girls!

When Ji Ruoxue and the girls heard this, they blushed with shame and all lowered their heads without saying anything, but this also meant that they acquiesced!

Kai was a bit speechless, although he had already broken his virginity, so there was nothing wrong with following Ji Ru Xue and the girls in the act of marriage, but this had to be done one by one, this was all together at once, Kai was a bit shy!

Just when Kai was at a loss for words, Hu Ma Zi came and waved towards Kai at the door, “Kai, come out for a moment, I have something for you ……”

“Mom, Master Hu is looking for me, I’ll go out!”

Kai followed Long Ruotong and said and went out.

“Kai, remember this, if you dare to run away tonight, I will disown you.”

Long Ruotong threatened at Kai!

“Mom, don’t worry, I definitely won’t run away, listen to you.” Kai could only promise.

Immediately after Kai walked out of the room, Hu Ma Zi dragged Kai away!

“Kai, you brat is really blessed, I’ve played with women all my life, but I’ve never slept with so many big beauties at once, you brat is worth it even if you die.”

Hu Pazzi said to Kai with an envious face!

“Blah blah blah, you’re the one who’s dead.” Kai pooh-poohed a few times and then asked, “Master Hu, what do you want to see me about?”

“It’s not me looking for you, it’s Long Xing Xu looking for you, only he knows that your mother must be reprimanding you and doesn’t dare to show up.”

Pocky Hu said!

As he was saying that, Long Xingxu walked over!

“Xingxu, what’s wrong?”

Kai asked!

“Brother Kai, a few days after you left, a man came to the Dragon Sect to look for you, saying that he had something important to ask for you, only that I couldn’t contact you even then, so I let him leave his name and leave.”

Long Xingxu said.


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