A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2475

“Gentlemen, now that we have violated the removal of the mask, that proves that we are now grasshoppers on a rope, if anyone has a different intention, they will be condemned by heaven.”

“Now our families, our disciples, are the only ones who can figure out what to do.”

“We have secretly followed the great powers of the Demon Heart Sect for decades, and in the end we are nothing more than a pawn, and now to watch our disciples, to become cultivation resources for that Ning Zhi, is simply too much ……”

Yu Qian said with a cold face and eyes full of killing intent!

“Master Yu, what do you say, we all listen to you, although we are cultivators, we are supposed to leave behind our seven emotions and desires, but we are human after all, we can’t watch our own disciples and family members in distress and do nothing about it.”

Said Yao Qisheng, Patriarch of the Earth Gate Secret Realm’s Purple Thunder Sect!

“Right, we all listen to Clan Master Yu, who is the strongest among the few of us.”

Another purple-robed messenger said!

“With just a few of us, if we want to save our families and disciples, I’m afraid it will be as difficult as heaven, that great power’s strength is unfathomable, I’m afraid that even if a few of us go together, we are no match!”

“If we can unite with the others and come together to deal with the Demon Heart Sect, won’t we be able to have a better chance of winning?”

At this moment, Wind Moon Valley Master Wind Realm Smoke of the Mountain Sect Secret Realm spoke up!

“Master Feng Gu, who are you planning to unite with?”

Yu Qian asked.

“Kai …….”

Feng Jing Yan said.

When the words Kai exited, everyone froze.

They could be said to have a deep hatred following Kai directly, and the other two purple-robed messengers had been killed by Kai.

Moreover, Wind Realm Smoke’s disciple, Feng Wuxing, had also been killed by Kai at the Secret Realm Assembly, so they could not understand how this Wind Realm Smoke could think of cooperating with Kai.

“Lord Feng Gu, you also know our situation with that Kai, do you think that Kai will help us?”

Yao Qisheng, Patriarch of the Purple Thunder Clan, asked.

“If that Kai’s IQ is online, he will definitely help us, his girlfriend is trapped in the secret realm of the Question Sect, and Kai’s hatred for following the Demon Heart Sect doesn’t have much to do with us.”

“We joined the Demon Heart Sect and became purple-robed messengers of the Demon Heart Sect, also for the sake of aura recovery and to stand a place in the secular world when the time comes.”

“We and the Demon Heart Sect should only be in a cooperative relationship, but now that Demon Heart Sect powerhouse has gone so far as to use our disciples as resources, slaughtering them at will, and locking up our families to control and blackmail us, so we must find that Kai to cooperate!”

“Only that Kai can stop the aura recovery, and that Kai’s strength, as I see it, is already above us, as long as the aura recovery fails, the Demon Heart Sect great power will have no other means, and then he might give up the Demon Heart Sect secret realm and go to the Celestial Human Realm.”

“In that case, won’t our families and disciples be saved then? And the chances of saving our families will be a little higher if we join forces with Kai inside and out!”

Wind Realm Smoke carefully followed the crowd’s analysis!

“The Wind Valley Master is right, we can approach that Kai to cooperate, the Wind Valley Master’s disciple was killed by Kai, and he was able to ice the past, those of us who follow Kai don’t have any deep hatred, I believe Kai will agree to cooperate with us.”

“It’s just that this matter is of great importance, who is going to lobby for that Kai? And there’s also the matter of preventing the great powers from finding out what we’re trying to do, or else the few of us and our families would all die without a burial place.”

Yu Qian also agreed to Wind Realm Smoke’s proposal!

The six purple-robed emissaries looked at each other, none of them willing to go, after all, no one was sure to talk Kai into it, and it would be extremely risky to go and make contact with Kai!

Seeing this, Yu Qian sighed lightly and said, “Since no one is willing to go, then I will go and talk to that Kai ……”

After the negotiation, the six purple-robed messengers put their masks back on and each left!

And at this time, Ning Zhi, who was cultivating, had to absorb the strength of a dozen people every day to raise his realm!

Looking at the disciples who went to their deaths every day, the six purple-robed messengers dared not speak out in anger!


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