A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2474

The armour-piercing beast returns with Kai in tow!

By now, Hu Ma Zi and Master Hammer had almost recovered too!

Kai took out those ore essences that he had purified and fed them to the other armour piercing beasts, and the other armour piercing beasts ate their fill straight away, each one grateful to Kai!

“Master Ironhammer, with my current strength, I’m afraid that I won’t be able to go to that Fire Burning Sect to rescue your Patriarch, but please rest assured that I will find a way to help you rescue your Patriarch once I’ve finished with the secular world.”

Kai assured Master Iron Hammer!

Master Ironhammer nodded “I believe you, even if you don’t manage to save our Patriarch, I should still thank you, now I have the Forge Remnant Chapter in my hand, and these Armour Piercing Beasts are all alive, so I can take my time to restore the Alchemy Sect.”

“In less than ten years, our Alchemy Sect will definitely be able to create glory again, and by then I will help you in creating a divine weapon.”

Master Iron Hammer said to Kai with great gratitude!

Kai did not covet the Forging Remnant Badge, which made Master Iron Hammer very grateful, if anyone else had gotten the Forging Remnant Badge, they would have taken it for themselves!

After following a few armour piercing beasts to say goodbye, Kai and the others returned to the Alchemy Sect.

“Are you still able to open the passage from the Celestial Realm to the Mundane Realm?”

Master Ironhammer asked Kai!

“I’ll try, I’m not sure now ……”

Kai forging and purifying those spirit ores also consumed a lot of spiritual energy, so now whether he could open the passage to the same secular world, Kai was not at all sure, so he planned to try!

“Kai, I think you should stay here and go back after your strength has increased, it will be much easier for you to open the passage after your strength has increased.”

“Besides, the Golden Phosphorus Stone in your body, only when you cultivate and absorb it in this Celestial Realm can you bring out its maximum energy, if you bring it to the Secular Realm, perhaps the energy of this Golden Phosphorus Stone will be greatly reduced because of the suppression of the laws of Heaven and Earth?”

Master Iron Hammer persuaded Kai!

Kai was stunned and slightly embarrassed, “Master Iron Hammer, you …… know that I have the Golden Phosphorus Stone on me?”

“Of course I know, the aura of the Golden Phosphorus Stone is very unique, I found it a long time ago, but you helped our Alchemy Sect so much, that armor piercing beast gave you a Golden Phosphorus Stone, it’s nothing.”

Master Iron Hammer said with a smile!

“Kai, what is the Golden Phosphorus Stone, let me see ……”

Hu Ma Zi said with great curiosity!

Kai could only take out the Golden Phosphorus Stone, and Pocky Hu took it in his hand and carefully examined it, his eyes full of envy!

“In that case, then I’ll go back to the secular world after absorbing the Golden Phosphorus Stone here first ……”

Kai decided to first absorb the energy of the Golden Phosphorus Stone in the Secular Realm and raise his realm before going back to the Secular Realm!

Kai found a quiet place and started absorbing the energy of the Golden Phosphorus Stone!

Pocky Hu and the sword spirit Zhong Li were guarding Kai!

Master Iron Hammer, on the other hand, left and began to lobby the people nearby to recruit disciples for the Alchemy Sect!

To rebuild the Alchemy Sect and restore it to glory, Master Iron Hammer alone could not do it, he had to recruit disciples for the Alchemy Sect to do it!

Just as Kai was cultivating in the Celestial Realm, the atmosphere in the Demonic Heart Sect’s secret realm seemed a little strange!

Six purple-robed emissaries were gathered together, and at the moment all six of them had removed the masks from their faces!

Although they had all guessed each other’s identities, the six purple-robed emissaries still acted a little shocked when the masks came off!

At any rate, they were all heads of clan families in the Eight Great Mystic Realms, and they knew each other well!

Only none of them knew the identity of each other’s Purple-robed Emissaries of the Demon Heart Sect!

Now that they had taken off their masks, they were now seeing each other honestly!


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