A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2473

“I’m not sending you these spirit ores for you to purify, sit on me, what I’m going to send you is right in front ……”

The armor piercing beast said!

Kai had no choice but to sit on the armor piercing beast, and then followed it as it continued to open up the mountain and crack the rocks, heading deeper into the mine!

Soon the speed of the Armour Piercing Beast dropped and was accompanied by the sound of panting, while the Armour Piercing Beast would make a sound of metal clashing as it dug forward!

The two front paws of the armour-piercing beast are actually a little bloody at the moment!

Seeing this, Kai hurriedly said, “Senior Armour Piercing Beast, what exactly are you sending me? I think we should not continue digging forward, your body may not be able to bear it anymore ……”

“It’s okay, we’re almost there, you saved our lives, of course I have to repay you ……”

The armour-piercing beast dug forward desperately, not stopping even though its two front paws were bloody and fleshy!

Seeing this scene, Kai was touched, to know that some people did not have the conscience of the armour piercing beast in front of them, knowing that they knew how to repay the kindness ……

This is also why Master Iron Hammer has been urging Kai that the most frightening thing in the Celestial Realm is the hearts of people, and that many humans are not as good as demons!

This armor piercing beast has suffered from the mine for more than ten years, even if it starved to death, it did not think of leaving, but some people, perhaps for the sake of a little profit, will betray their loved ones and their division ……

Unknowingly, the armor piercing beast excavated another tens of meters, and at this time, a sudden blinding golden light, directly illuminated the entire mine cave!

Kai’s eyes could not even open for a moment under this golden light!

After a while, when he had adjusted to it, Kai slowly opened his eyes and saw that in the middle of a pile of spirit ore, a spirit ore emitting a dazzling golden light was being set right in the middle!

“Finally, I found it …………”

The armour piercing beast finished excitedly, then dug down the spirit ore that was emitting golden light!

“You take this ore, it’s the highest grade golden phosphorite, you don’t have to look at the small size of this ore, but the energy contained within is huge.”

“With this Golden Phosphorus Stone, it can make your strength soar, and it might even allow you to break through the realm ……”

The armor piercing beast said to Kai!

Kai took the Golden Phosphorus Stone, only to feel that this modest Golden Phosphorus Stone was very heavy in his hand, and there was a scaly-like pattern on it, like a layer of armor, much like Kai’s Unbreakable Golden Body!

Kai only poked out a little bit of his divine sense, and was instantly shocked by the enormous power inside the Golden Phosphorus Stone.

The shocked Kai thanked the armour-wearing beast profusely and then asked, “Senior armour-wearing beast, how many of these golden phosphorus stones are there in this mine?”

Kai felt that if there were a lot of these golden phosphorus stones, Kai could come here to cultivate after he had finished his business in the secular world, and with these golden phosphorus stones, Kai’s strength would still soar!

“I don’t know how many there are, perhaps there is only this one, perhaps there are several, but a spirit ore of the highest grade like this, even this entire Wu Jin Mountain can’t produce many of them, at present I have only found this one, or it was scouted out more than ten years ago, it has not been excavated!”

“As for whether there will be this kind of golden phosphorite in other mines, I don’t know, but I can keep an eye out for you, only in the future, even if I find golden phosphorite in the excavation, I can’t give it to you without permission, after all, these are the things of the Alchemy Sect.”

The armour piercing beast followed Kai very honestly and said!

“Senior Armour Piercing Beast, I know, if I find any Golden Phosphorus Stones in the future, I won’t take them for nothing.”

Kai admired this attitude of the Armour Piercing Beast, after all, they were still spirit beasts belonging to the Alchemy Sect, even if the Alchemy Sect was destroyed, but Master Iron Hammer was still alive, they would have to serve the Alchemy Sect!


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