A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2472

“Kai, did you …… know the forging and purification technique before? Otherwise you just learned it, how could you have such a skillful technique in such a short time?”

Master Iron Hammer asked incredulously!

Kai shook his head “Master Iron Hammer, I didn’t know it before, indeed I just learned it, probably because I am more enlightened and learned it faster ……”

“Kid, even if your comprehension is strong, no one who has just learned the art of forging and purification can purify this grade of spirit ore with a single hammer.”

“Back then, the patriarch of the Alchemy Sect was also extremely enlightened and possessed the talent to refine weapons, even he didn’t have such a high level of enlightenment that he could purify this grade of spirit ore with a single hammer just after learning the forging purification technique.”

The armour piercing beast said incredulously!

“Then maybe I’m a little more enlightened than the Sovereign of the Weapon Refining Sect ……”

Kai said with a faint smile!

At this, Master Iron Hammer and that armor piercing beast were all speechless, if they hadn’t seen Kai purify the spirit ore with their own eyes, they would never have believed it!

“This fellow Kai always gives surprises, you guys won’t be surprised if you know him for a longer time!”

At this point, Hu Ma Zi spoke up, not the slightest bit surprised by Kai’s enlightenment towards smithing, as he knew that Kai himself was no ordinary person, anything could happen to Kai!

“Can you take me to purify some high grade spirit ores now? If we only purify this grade, I’m afraid it will be difficult to feed these armour piercing beasts seniors for a short time.”

Kai opened his mouth and asked.

“No problem, you sit on my back and I will take you to ……”

The armour piercing beast that spoke said to Kai!

Kai leapt and sat on the armor piercing beast, while the armor piercing beast swayed and instantly galloped forward!

The speed of the armour piercing beast in the mine was simply fast, even when it encountered places where there were collapses, the armour piercing beast did not lose speed and swiftly went through the rocks, and soon sent Kai to the deepest part of the mine!

At this moment, the entire mine was filled with a purple glow, everywhere the spirit ore was emitting a purple glow, it was obvious that this was the deepest part of the mine, and the spirit ore here was of the highest grade!

“This is it, now this is the deepest part of the mine, and this ore is also the highest grade so far ……”

The armour piercing beast said to Kai!

Kai nodded and without the slightest hesitation, he set to work, an ore essence being purified in Kai’s hands!

The armour piercing beast ate it up greedily and was soon full.

The armour piercing beast didn’t stay idle when it was full, but kept on giving Kai spirit ores to extract from the rock walls around the mine for Kai to purify!

I don’t know how long it took, but the ore essence in front of Kai was like a small mountain!

Wiping a handful of sweat from his forehead, Kai said to the armour piercing beast, “Senior armour piercing beast, these ore essences are enough for you to eat for a while, right?”

“Enough, enough ……”

The armor piercing beast said excitedly!

“Well then, let’s go back, I don’t know how long it’s been ……”

Because in the mine, Kai no longer had any concept of time, and he had no idea how long had passed!

Kai put the ore essence into his storage ring, and then he intended to let the armor piercing beast take him back!

But the armour-piercing beast said, “Young man, you have helped us so much, I have to give you something too.”

“Give me what?”

Kai asked in amazement.

These armour-piercing beasts had been starving for more than ten years, what other treasures could they have on them that they could give themselves?

After the armour-piercing beasts finished speaking, they then started waving their two claws and kept digging on the stone walls of the mine!

The armour piercing beast was digging very fast, and the mine cave that was originally at the bottom was now dug down by the armour piercing beast by tens of metres, with spirit ores being dug out along the way!

Looking at these spirit ores, Kai said helplessly “Senior armor piercing beast, I still have things to do, I don’t have time to purify these spirit ores ……”


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