A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2471

“Thank you, young man. ……”

At this moment, an armor piercing beast said to Kai!

Kai was startled, he didn’t think that this armor piercing beast could even talk!

“You can actually talk?” Kai said in utter amazement!

“Nonsense, we have cultivated for thousands of years, if it wasn’t for the hunger for more than ten years, we might have been able to transform into human form by now, so what’s talking.”

“The demon beasts in Demon King City have long since transformed into human form and are living the same life as you humans!”

The armour piercing beast said to Kai!

“Demon King City?” Kai froze, not understanding what this Demon King City was, it should be a place that belonged to demon beasts!

“You wouldn’t understand even if I told you, but looking at your aura, you don’t look like someone from the Celestial Human Realm, where is Master Iron Hammer? I want to know where all the people from the Alchemy Sect have run off to in the past ten years or so?”

“We worked diligently to mine spirit ores in the mine, but I didn’t think that no one would come back to the mine once more.”

The armour piercing beast questioned at Kai!

“Senior, the Alchemy Sect had a change more than ten years ago and was wiped out by the Fire Burning Sect, the Alchemy Sect Master was also captured and Master Iron Hammer escaped to the secular world to save his life, so no one is coming to the mine cave anymore.”

Kai hurriedly explained!

“Wiped out?” The armour piercing beast’s tone rose in obvious surprise “I didn’t expect humans to treat their fellow countrymen so viciously.”

After saying that, the armour piercing beast continued “Is Master Iron Hammer deep in the mine? Take us to him, the essence of those spirit ores just now is only enough to keep us moving for the time being, if we want to be fed, this amount of essence ore is not enough!”

Kai nodded and led several armour piercing beasts towards the depths of the mine!

He soon found Master Iron Hammer and Hu Pazi, both of whom were lying on the ground at this moment, too tired to stand up because of the purification of the spirit ores!

Master Iron Hammer was overjoyed to see that the armour piercing beasts were ready for action!

“You few have finally slowed down, I know those essence ores won’t fill you up at all, but with just the three of us purifying the ores, we really don’t have the capacity to continue refining, we need to rest before we can!”

“Let’s wait for us to rest for a few days before we continue refining for you guys, you guys wait patiently for a few days ……”

Master Ironhammer said politely to several armor piercing beasts!

“No problem, with just these essence ores, we can last for a few years as well.”

An armour piercing beast said!

But Kai was reluctant at this moment, he didn’t have time to wait here and purify the ores for these armour piercing beasts, the Aura Recovery Formation would be activated soon, Kai had to rush back as soon as possible to do so.

“Master Iron Hammer, we have to rush back to the secular world as soon as possible, so there’s no way we can stay here for long!”

“I can still continue to refine now, but these spirit ores are too low in grade, is there any high grade, purifying high grade spirit ores can also allow a few armour piercing beasts seniors to recover quickly!”

Kai said to Master Iron Hammer!

Master Iron Hammer looked at Kai and said “You just learned the forging purification technique, it’s not bad if this grade of spirit ore can be hammered to purify the essence, you still want to purify high grade spirit ore?”

Kai didn’t say anything, but picked a large piece of spirit ore, and then smashed it down with a heavy hammer, the hard spirit ore burst instantly, and a large amount of impurities turned into powder!

An ore essence larger than a fist remained, a crystal clear ore essence that emitted an aura and light that was soothing to the senses!

Master Iron Hammer looked at the ore essence that Kai had purified, his whole body was dumbfounded, even if it was his hand, this kind of spirit ore could not be purified with a single hammer, and looking at the ore essence that Kai had purified, it was obviously pure and without the slightest impurity!


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