A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2470

“When you enter your divine sense into this parchment scroll, you will naturally master the low-level forging technique and be able to purify the low-level spirit ores.”

Master Ironhammer finished speaking and laid the parchment scroll on the ground!

Seeing this, Kai and Hu Pazi hurriedly dispersed their divine sense and entered into that parchment scroll!

In just an instant, the two men had mastered the technique of purifying spirit ores!

“Now that you have mastered the method, you can try it out ……”

Master Ironhammer said as he put away the parchment scroll!

Kai and Hu Ma Zi nodded, then bursts of aura erupted from the two, which soon condensed into a sledgehammer in front of them!

The sledgehammer emitted a burst of condensed Qi. Kai and Hu Ma Zi took the sledgehammer in their hands and felt that the sledgehammer, which was condensed with Qi, was surprisingly not the least bit illusory when they held it in their hands, it was like a real object.

“You can now condense the Hammer of Forging, but what grade of spirit ore you can purify with this Hammer of Forging, that depends on your enlightenment and the techniques you have mastered.”

Master Iron Hammer finished speaking to Kai and Hu Pazi as he found himself a piece of spirit ore and began to purify it!

Kai and Hu Pazi followed suit and also used the sledgehammer in their hands and smashed it against the spirit ore!

However, after they smashed the hammer, the spirit ore broke apart, but the core essence did not show up, there were still many impurities mixed in with the essence of the spirit ore!

Seeing this, Kai and Hu Pazi could only use their hammers again to smash down on the ore, not knowing how many times, until they were covered in sweat and panting, then they could only finish purifying the ore!

A full-sized essence ore appeared in front of Kai, while Master Hammer had already purified more than ten pieces of essence ore!

“This …… is too slow for us ……”

Hu Pazi said with a downcast look on his face.

“You have just learned to purify the spirit ore, you need to keep pitying and increasing your proficiency, your speed will slowly increase ……”

Master Iron Hammer spoke to Kai and Hu Pazi in a persuasive manner!

Kai and Hu Pazi nodded and began to keep hammering the spirit ore as Kai quietly practiced while figuring it out!

At this moment, the entire mine resounded with constant clanking sounds.

But along with the increasing speed of Kai’s spirit ore purification, he was surprised to find that an additional force of forging had emerged within his body, this force of forging was constantly travelling within his dantian, and Kai’s strength realm was unknowingly growing!

Seeing this, Kai worked even harder, wielding the sledgehammer in his hand with a tiger’s breath ……

I don’t know how much time had passed, and I don’t know if it was night or day, but at this moment, in front of Kai and the others, there were already hundreds of purified essence spirit ores!

The hammer master was so tired that he was on the verge of collapse, and the forging hammer in his hand began to become illusory, and finally slowly disappeared!

The Hammer Master had consumed so much that in the end the hammer could not be solidified and dissipated!

“So many purified spirit ores should be able to keep those armour piercing beasts moving.”

Master Iron Hammer said with a gasp of air!

“Master Iron Hammer, you guys rest here first, I’ll send these spirit ores to a few armour piercing beasts ……”

Kai said, putting that thought of spirit ores into his storage ring, then walking towards the cave entrance!

When they arrived at the entrance of the mine, the several dying armor piercing beasts all became a bit agitated after seeing Kai, their eyes were full of desire!

Kai hurriedly took out the purified spirit ores, and several armour piercing beasts swarmed and began to devour them!

Hundreds of spirit ores were devoured by several armour piercing beasts in the blink of an eye!

After eating these spirit ores, the aura of the several armour piercing beasts had clearly increased!


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