A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2469

“Master Hammer, what is it with these armour-piercing beasts?”

Kai asked in disbelief when he saw that Master Iron Hammer had actually cried.

Master Iron Hammer wiped his tears and said, “These armour-piercing beasts were kept in captivity by our Weaponry Refining Sect for the purpose of mining spiritual ores, but after the destruction of the Weaponry Refining Sect, no one has fed them anymore, but I never thought they would still be alive!”

“Master Hammer, why don’t these armour piercing beasts run away, just run out and find some food?”

Hu Ma Zi asked!

“You don’t understand, once these armour-piercing beasts recognize their master and keep them in captivity, they will never leave, they would rather die than leave this mine.”

“Besides, even if they leave the mine, they can’t find anything to eat, they feed on spirit ores.”

Master Iron Hammer shook his head and said.

“This mine cave is all filled with spirit ores, so why don’t these armour piercing beasts eat? Are they just waiting to starve to death?”

Kai asked.

“These spirit ores are all unrefined, there is no way for the armour piercing beasts to eat them, they have to be refined before they can be fed.”

“Just now, they must have sensed my scent, so they roared out with all their might to attract my attention!”

As Master Iron Hammer finished speaking, the aura on his body exploded steeply, and a forging power surged out from his body, quickly forming a sledgehammer in Master Iron Hammer’s hand!

Master Iron Hammer then took the sledgehammer and smashed it down towards a piece of spirit ore that was about a metre in size within the mine!

The spirit ore was instantly smashed to pieces, and in the centre of the spirit ore, a crystal clear core the size of a fingernail was revealed!

Master Iron Hammer threw the nail-sized essence of the spirit ore to an armour-wearing beast, which swallowed it in one gulp.

But such a small amount of spirit ore essence was just a drop in the bucket for the armour piercing beast, which was already dying of hunger!

“Master Iron Hammer, how can such a large piece of spirit ore only have such a small amount of essence?”

Kai asked, puzzled.

“The spirit ores here are all rubbish, that’s why they are discarded at the entrance of the mine, the real spirit ores that contain a lot of forging power can only be obtained deep inside the mine!”

“In order to feed these armour piercing beasts and recover, we have to go deeper into the mine to do so.”

Master Ironhammer said!

“Master Iron Hammer, even if we find the spirit stone ore, but we don’t know how to purify it, we don’t have your kind of ability to extract the essence of the spirit stone ore!”

Hu Ma Zi said to Master Iron Hammer!

After all, Kai and Hu Puzi and the others didn’t know how to forge, let alone refine, so there was no way to purify the spirit stone ore to extract its essence!

“That’s fine, spirit stone ore purification isn’t complicated, I’ll just teach you two, it’s imperative that we get deeper into the mine as soon as possible and find spirit ores of higher purity before we can.”

Master Iron Hammer finished speaking and headed straight for the depths of the mine!

Kai and Hu Ma Zi followed behind, while that sword spirit Zhong Li felt the dark mine cave and felt himself a little scared, so his body turned and transformed into a dragon chopping sword, and then went into Kai’s body!

With Master Iron Hammer leading the way, Kai and the others kept going deeper and deeper into the mine, not knowing how far they had gone, Master Iron Hammer stopped in his tracks!

At this moment, around the cave, some light blue and pink emitting spirit ores were scattered on the stone walls and all around!

“Master Ironhammer, why aren’t we continuing on?”

Kai asked, puzzled.

“This is as far as we go, my current forging technique can only purify this kind of spirit ore, like the purple spirit ore in front, I have no way to purify the essence of it!”

Master Iron Hammer explained!

After hearing this, Kai said to Master Iron Hammer “Master Iron Hammer, then why don’t you teach us the method to purify the spirit ores?”

Master Iron Hammer nodded and then took out a yellowed parchment scroll from his pocket!


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