A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2468

Kai, Hu Ma Zi and Zhong Li followed behind, Zhong Li snuggled up to Kai like a little bird the whole time!

On this journey, it made Hu Ma Zi’s eyes drool ……

Soon, Kai arrived at the foot of the mountain, looking at the lofty mountains in front of him, Kai actually felt a different aura from the mountains!

This aura was different from aura, different from sword aura, it was an aura that Kai had never felt before!

Master Iron Hammer saw the difference in Kai and said with a faint smile, “This is the Wu Jin Mountain, and within the mountain are some spirit ores, and our Weapon Refining Sect is able to forge all kinds of divine weapons thanks to the spirit ores within this mountain!”

“Without these spirit ores, even if our Weaponry Refining Sect had the highest forging skills, there would be no way to create divine weapons, as the saying goes.”

“The spirit ores in this Wu Jin Mountain are very difficult to mine, until our Alchemy Sect Patriarch was captured by the Fire Burning Sect, we were not able to mine much spirit ore, or else our Alchemy Sect would have created more divine weapons!”

Master Iron Hammer followed Kai as he explained, then led him and the others up to the Wujin Mountain!

Soon, a pitch-black mine cave appeared on the Wujin Mountain, the entrance to the mine cave was very huge, and standing at the entrance, the otherworldly aura became even more intense!

There were many stones scattered around the cave, and they were clearly different from the other stones, each with a faint light of various colours, but the light was very faint!

Kai casually picked up a stone and held it in his hand, then a breath entered Kai’s body, while the light of that stone dimmed and became extremely ordinary!

“These are spirit ores, and each type of spirit ore is different, and the spirit ores needed to create different divine weapons are also different.”

“These spirit ores that are being thrown away here now are simply thrown away because they contain less forging power of their own, so they are not suitable for creating weapons.”

Master Iron Hammer followed Kai and explained!

Kai looked at these spirit ores, if they could be taken to the secular world, they would definitely be worth a fortune, but in the eyes of this Weapon Refining Sect, they were rubbish!

“Roar …………”

Suddenly, from the middle of the mine, a huge roar of a demonic beast came out, which startled Kai and the others!

“Holy shit, why are there still demonic beasts here?” Hu Ma Zi said with a start!

Kai also frowned slightly, because just now he only felt the forging power emitted from the spirit ore in the mine, and did not feel the aura of a demonic beast!

Wouldn’t it be dangerous if he rashly walked in?

After hearing the roar, Master Iron Hammer’s eyes flashed with surprise and said, “It’s been more than ten years, the armour piercing beast in the mine is still alive?”

After saying that, Master Iron Hammer desperately ran towards the mine, while Kai and the others followed closely behind.

After entering the mine, they saw several figures lying on the ground not far from the entrance of the mine, and these figures were still wriggling!

Roar …………

Another roar sounded.

After Master Iron Hammer struck several rays of light, Kai and the others could see that there were several armour piercing beasts lying on the ground, all clad in scales, but these originally golden scales had become very dull and drab!

These armour piercing beasts were as thin as wood, and their breath was very weak, the roar just now should have exhausted their last strength!

Looking at the armour-piercing beasts in front of them, Kai and Hu Ma Zi were all frozen!

Master Iron Hammer, on the other hand, was full of shock and compassion, gently squatting down and stroking the head of an armour piercing beast!

“It’s been more than ten years, I didn’t expect you guys to still be alive, a miracle, it’s simply a miracle ……”

Saying that, Master Iron Hammer actually shed tears.


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