A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2467

“Here’s your dragon chopping sword, here’s your dragon chopping sword yah ……”

Jian Lao said as he pointed at the young girl!

Kai instantly froze and looked at the young girl incredulously, his own Dragon Cutting Sword, how did it suddenly turn into a young girl ah?

At that moment, the young girl came forward and saluted Kai, “Master, I am the Sword Spirit Zhong Li, I have received the Sword Elder’s inheritance, so I have detached from my sword body and taken on a human form!”

After the sword spirit Zhong Li finished speaking, her body turned around, followed by a flash of light, and Zhong Li reappeared as the Dragon Cutting Sword and fell directly into Kai’s hand!

Kai held the Zang Long Sword in his hand, and instantly felt that there seemed to be some more power and aura within the Zang Long Sword!

Moreover, Kai’s mind and the Dragon Cutting Sword became even more closely connected, and Kai’s thoughts could be truly revealed on the Dragon Cutting Sword!

“Kid, you have absorbed a large amount of sword qi, and now it is a waste of sword qi within you, now I am sending you a life-preserving sword intent that can save your life at a critical moment ……”

“You now channel all your sword qi into the Zeng Long Sword, so that the sword spirit Zhong Li’s strength can make a qualitative leap and can become your most powerful helper!”

Jian Lao said to Kai!

As soon as Kai heard this, he unstintingly channeled all the sword qi he had absorbed at the Sword Washing Pool towards the Dragon Cutting Sword!

A large amount of sword qi was channeled into the Dragon Cutting Sword, while Jian Lao put his fingers together and punched a golden light into the Dragon Cutting Sword!

After a few moments, the sword qi in Kai’s body was exhausted, and the Sword Elder also withdrew his hand, but at that moment, the Sword Elder’s expression was understandably more tired!

At that moment, the Dragon Cutting Sword in Kai’s hand twitched and the sword spirit, Zhong Li, appeared in front of Kai!

At this moment, Zhong Li’s face was like a peach blossom, her skin had become more delicate, and at Zhong Li’s brow, there was an additional golden sword-like tattoo, adding some colour to Zhong Li’s appearance!

Looking at Zhong Li’s appearance, Kai was actually a little lost in thought for a moment!

Looking at Kai’s appearance, Jian Lao said, “In the body of the sword spirit Zhong Li, a life-preserving sword intent has now been fused, you must not use it until the critical moment, otherwise you are afraid that the sword intent will backfire and injure you.”

Kai nodded, his eyes flickering with fire, with this sword intent, Kai would have an additional life-preserving talisman.

“Jian Lao, this sword spirit Zhong Li has grown so pavilion-like, I wonder if she can do what other girls can do, apart from helping in fights?”

Hu Ma Zi asked to Jian Lao!

Although Hu Ma Zi’s words were rather cryptic, all of them heard the meaning of them.

The sword spirit Zhong Li even blushed and lowered her head sheepishly!

The sword spirit smiled lightly and said, “Now that the sword spirit Zhongli has left her sword body and taken on human form, she is a real flesh and blood woman, so she can do all the things that a girl can do ……”

“If Kai is lonely at night, he can let Zhong Li keep him company and spend his lonely nights ……”

Kai’s face turned red at the comment and he hurriedly bowed his head and said “Elder Jian is joking.”

Hu Ma Zi was full of envy and said “Kai, you guy’s peach blossom luck is really strong, surrounded by beautiful women, and now you got such a beautiful sword spirit, and you can also sleep with you, I’m really f*cking envious ……”

“Haha, as the saying goes, beautiful women love heroes, although Kai is young, he is super strong and broad-minded, it’s normal to have more beautiful women around him!”

Master Iron Hammer said with a laugh!

After following Elder Jian to say goodbye and leave the Sword Washing Pond, Kai had intended to use the Divine King’s Bow to open the passage between the Celestial and Mundane Realms again and return to the Mundane Realm, but he was stopped by Master Ironhammer!

“Kai, you sent me the forging remnants, I can’t let you come to our Alchemy Sect for nothing, I’ll take you to a place that you’re guaranteed to enjoy ……”

With that said, Master Ironhammer walked through the deserted Alchemy Sect, crossed over the Green Bull Peak, and then headed towards another mountain!


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