A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2466

“Da Neng, what …… do you mean by this? Are you trying to sacrifice the six of us to boost that Ning Zhi’s strength?”

Yu Qian was a little flustered, his voice trembling slightly as he asked!

“You guys are thinking too much, how could I possibly sacrifice the six of you ……”

Da Neng said with a faint smile.

Upon hearing that they weren’t being sacrificed to boost Ning Zhi’s strength, all six purple-robed messengers breathed a sigh of relief!

“I wonder who the Great Power is going to sacrifice to boost Ning Zhi’s strength?”

Yu Qian asked.

“I just want to sacrifice the disciples under you, you all now control your respective secret realms and have no less than thousands of disciples under you.”

“As long as we let Ning Zhi absorb their strength boost every day, I believe that when the Great Aura Recovery Formation is activated, that Kai will definitely not be a match for Ning Zhi ……”

The great power said!

Upon hearing this, all six purple-robed emissaries sucked in a cold breath!

It turned out that it was their disciples that the great power wanted to sacrifice, knowing that their disciples had also followed them for many years, and if all these disciples were gone, then they would start out as bare-bones commanders.

“Mighty, we …………”

Yu Qian opened his mouth and tried to dissuade, after all, none of them wanted to sacrifice their disciples!

But before Yu Qian could finish his sentence, the great power waved his hand and said “I am ordering you, not discussing with you, now gather all your disciples here immediately ……”

“Remember, no one will try to play tricks, your loved ones are still here.”

Having said that, the great power waved his sleeves, accompanied by a shaking of the void, followed by a huge image, only to see a huge cage holding all six purple robed messengers’ loved ones!

Yu Qian’s daughter, Yu Jiameng, was also among them. The six purple-robed messengers who saw this scene were filled with anger, but they did not dare to say a word!

They could only summon all their disciples to the secret realm of the Demon Heart Sect, and then watch as their disciples were sucked into dry corpses by Ning Zhi every day!

Supported by the strength of these secret realm disciples, Ning Zhi’s realm was rising by leaps and bounds, and as Ning Zhi’s realm rose, so did his ambition and desire!

Within the whole Demon Heart Sect, Ning Zhi did not put anyone in his eyes except for the great powers, even that demon envoy, Ning Zhi would call on him and wave him away.

Just as Ning Zhi continued to raise his strength, Kai and the others were still waiting for Jian Lao to appear!

“It’s already the tenth day, this Jian Lao wouldn’t have run away with the Zang Long Sword a long time ago, would he?”

Pocky Hu was getting a little impatient with waiting!

“Impossible, Jian Lao is a spirit body, there is no way for him to survive for a long time if he leaves the Sword Washing Pond.”

Master Iron Hammer shook his head and said!

“Then it’s been so long, so he hasn’t come out? How long do we have to wait?”

Hu Pazi asked anxiously.

In fact, at this moment, Kai was also anxious, if he waited endlessly, he didn’t know what would happen in the secular world, and he didn’t know how the Demon Heart Sect was doing now!

If we projected according to the time, the time for the Aura Recovery Formation to open should also be approaching!

Just as Kai and the others were waiting anxiously, suddenly the calm pool of water began to stir!

It was as if the water was boiling!

Immediately afterwards, a wave of sword energy emerged from the water, and two piercing rays of sword energy shot up to the clouds!

The two sword energies then slowly fell down and instantly transformed into humanoid forms!

One of the sword qi was none other than Elder Sword, and beside Elder Sword was a delicate young girl, who was as fair as jade, just like a fairy descending from the earth!

Seeing the sudden appearance of the young girl, Hu Puzi’s eyes went straight, this guy couldn’t control himself when he saw a beautiful girl!

“Jian Lao, where is my Dragon Cutting Sword?”

Kai just looked at the maiden for a couple of moments, then looked at Elder Jian and asked!

At this moment, Jian Lao’s hands were empty and did not have the Dragon Cutting Sword, which was why Kai asked so!


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