A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2465

Kai returned the forging remnants to Master Hammer!

Master Iron Hammer took the Forging Remnant Badge and thanked Kai profusely, knowing that this Forging Remnant Badge was a priceless treasure to many people, but Kai didn’t have the slightest bit of greed and just handed it over!

At this moment, Jian Lao was also impressed with Kai, remembering his mockery of Kai at the beginning, Jian Lao felt a hot pain on his face!

Kai’s strength and breadth of mind, Jian Lao had seen it all!

“Young man, I didn’t expect you to hand over the Forging Remnants Chapter so readily, it seems that the Zang Long Sword is in your hands, so it is considered to be put to good use, since I promised you that I would help you repair and temper the Zang Long Sword as long as you take it out, now that you have done so, hand over the Zang Long Sword to me …… ”

Jian Lao said to Kai!

“Jian Lao, this Chopping Dragon Sword has already been repaired and the grade has been raised by a lot, so I don’t need to bother you with it.”

Kai said with a faint smile!

After absorbing so much sword qi, the Dragon Cutting Sword had already been completely repaired and its rank had been raised, so there was no need for Elder Jian’s help!

Jian Lao smiled faintly and shook his head, “What you see is only the surface, the sword spirit of the Dragon Cutting Sword is still not fully restored, wait until I have fully restored the sword spirit of the Dragon Cutting Sword, then you can see it ……”

The sword old man said, towards Kai a wave, the chopping dragon sword from Kai his body out of his body, to that sword old man’s hand!

The sword old man held the dragon chopping sword, his eyes burst out a fine aura, the fine aura swept over the dragon chopping sword, causing the sword body of the dragon chopping sword to tremble!

Soon, a large amount of sword qi gushed out from Jian Lao’s body and frantically poured into the Zhan Long Sword!

With the Dragon Cutting Sword in his hand, Jian Lao leapt high into the air and then plunged head first into the Sword Washing Pool!

After Jian Lao took the Dragon Cutting Sword and plunged into the Sword Washing Pond, the Sword Washing Pond quickly regained its calmness and from the outside, nothing could be seen.

“Kai, you don’t need to be anxious, since Jian Lao has said that he will help you to quench the Zhan Long Sword and restore the sword spirit, he will definitely do it, we can just wait quietly ……”

Master Iron Hammer was afraid that Kai would be anxious, so he said to Kai in relief!

Kai nodded and several people waited above the Sword Washing Pond for Jian Lao’s appearance, but this wait was several days, and there was not the slightest movement within the Sword Washing Pond!

And at this moment, in the secular world, in the secret realm of the Demon Heart Sect!

The six purple-robed emissaries were all waiting in the main hall for the appearance of the Great Power, they had been in the secret realm of the Demon Heart Sect for many days, but they had never seen their relatives, if they knew that the Great Power had sent someone to invite their relatives long ago, they should have arrived by now!

Soon, along with a fluctuation in the void, the figure of the great power appeared above the main seat of the great hall.

“What do you six want with me?”

The great power asked as he looked at the six purple-robed messengers.

“Mighty, so many days have passed, I think our loved ones have arrived at the Demon Heart Sect secret realm, we just want to see our loved ones ……”

Yu Qian stepped forward and said to the great power!

“Your loved ones are indeed here now, but you can’t meet each other for now, I have something else I need you six to do ……”

The great power said coldly!

“What is it?” Yu Qian asked.

“Now that the Aura Recovery Formation is about to be activated, and that Kai’s strength has exceeded our expectations, if no one is able to restrain that Kai when the Aura Recovery Formation is activated, it is likely that there will be an accident!”

“Right now, the only one who can check Kai in the Great Formation is Ning Zhi, who is an Inferno Demon Body, only that Ning Zhi’s current strength is no match for that Kai.”

“So I want to quickly raise Ning Zhi’s strength, and to quickly raise Ning Zhi’s strength, someone will have to make a sacrifice.”

The great power did not continue down the line, but instead his eyes looked icily at the six purple-robed messengers!

This startled all six purple-robed messengers.


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