A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2464

“Can’t waste such a great opportunity ……”

Kai sat down on his knees and sat directly in the formation.

At this moment, it got Kai to follow the Dragon Cutting Sword and fuse into one, continuously absorbing the sword Qi swarming around him!

The sword qi from all directions was absorbed by the formation, and then swarmed into Kai’s body!

After reaching the bottom of the pond, Jian Lao was instantly frozen, only to see the huge formation emitting a brilliant light and a huge suction force that was continuously absorbing the sword qi in the Sword Washing Pond!

And Jian Lao, who was also a sword spirit formed by the sword qi condensation, his entire body trembled violently and uncontrollably, and was also sucked within the formation by the enormous suction force of that formation, continuously!

If he was sucked in by the formation, he would instantly dissipate and be sucked into Kai’s body as countless sword qi!

The Sword Master’s heart ached as he watched the countless sword qi being sucked away from the Sword Washing Pond, knowing that this sword qi was the basis of his survival.

At this moment, Kai’s eyes were slightly closed, he did not know what was in Elder Jian’s mind, he just desperately absorbed the large amount of sword qi in the Sword Washing Pool!

In the middle of the formation, the Dragon Cutting Sword began to buzz, and the sword was shaking violently!

A golden glow as dazzling as the sun exploded in the middle of the formation!

This glow broke through the water of the pond and shot straight up into the clouds, and then fell rapidly from the clouds again!

Boom …………

With this strike, all the water in the Sword Washing Pond actually rose up to the sky, and in the formation at the bottom of the pond, a remnant of light slowly flew up and floated towards the outside of the Sword Washing Pond!

Kai suddenly opened his eyes and looked at the scrap of light floating away, he knew that it must be left by the person who had set up this formation, so he leapt up and grabbed it directly towards the scrap of light!

“Forging the Remnants of the Chapter ……”

The Sword Elder and the Iron Hammer Master all shouted in surprise when they saw the remnants of the scroll!

Kai didn’t know about the Forging Remnants Chapter, instead he reached out and grabbed that remnant scroll into his hand!

Kai saw that part of the remnant scroll was missing, but the rest of it recorded the means of forging!

The Sword Washing Pond returned to peace, and the Dragon Cutting Sword flew out of that formation and returned to Kai’s hand!

Kai saw that there was no longer the slightest crack on the body of the sword, and the light of the sword had become purer and purer, and its quality seemed to have improved!

Kai held the Dragon Cutting Sword in his hand, and he could clearly feel the surging sword qi surging within the Dragon Cutting Sword!

“Kai, can you give me the forging remnants in your hand?”

At this moment, Master Iron Hammer leapt forward and his entire body reached Kai, his eyes filled with burning fervour as he asked!

Jian Lao also arrived in front of Kai and looked at the remnant scroll in Kai’s hand with excitement and said “I never thought that the Forging Remnant Chapter had been inside the Sword Washing Pond all along, I have been guarding the Sword Washing Pond for so many years, but I have never found it, with this Forging Remnant Chapter, the Alchemy Sect will be able to create glory again.”

Kai looked at Master Iron Hammer and Elder Sword in amazement and asked, “What is this Forging Remnant Chapter? It’s just a record of the broken forging method, is it that important?”

“Kai, you don’t know, this Forging Remnant Chapter is the greatest treasure of our Alchemy Sect, our sect master was taken away, the other party just wanted to get this Forging Remnant Chapter!”

Master Iron Hammer followed Kai as he recounted the origins and importance of the Forging Remnant Badge!

Kai, upon hearing this, threw the Forging Remnant Chapter to Master Iron Hammer and said, “Since this is the greatest treasure of your Alchemy Sect, let’s give it back to you, it’s useless for me to hold it in my hands ……”


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