A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2463

Kai personally stood in the centre of the formation, and he could clearly feel that the power of the formation was weak, as if the formation had not been fully activated.

It was unknown whether it was caused by the age of the formation, causing it to consume too much energy, or whether it was because these sword puppets had caused damage to the formation!

But even if the power of the formation had become weaker, it could still block those sword puppets from getting closer!

“Perhaps if this formation can be fully activated, the Dragon Chopping Sword can be repaired, and there is no need for that Sword Elder to help ……”

Kai looked at the huge formation, then gently pressed his hand on top of a green stone!

Along with the spiritual energy within Kai’s body continuously pouring towards the green stone, soon the formation rippled, and then a talisman actually lit up in the formation, and a bright light began to bloom!

When Kai saw this, he was overjoyed and hurriedly poured spiritual energy into the other stones again, causing one of the talismans in the formation to become brighter than ever!

Soon, the entire bottom of the pond shone brightly, and the light connected to form an incomparably pure aura, and the sword qi in the pond, after this aura, converged towards the bottom of the pond!

The sword puppets seemed to be threatened, and they all became terrified and moved away from the formation!

At this moment, Hu Ma Zi and the others above the Sword Washing Pool also seemed to have sensed the changes in the Sword Washing Pool!

The water, which had been crystal clear and full of sword qi, had now become somewhat turbid, and the harsh sword qi in the water had also disappeared!

“What’s going on with this ……?”

When Jian Lao saw the change in the Sword Washing Pool, he couldn’t help but frown!

He hurriedly choked the spell to see what was going on!

But he tried several times in a row, but he could no longer see Kai’s figure at the bottom of the pool, so he was not sure what was happening at the bottom of the pool!

When Hu Ma Zi felt the change in the pool water, he hurriedly went forward and plunged his hands into the pool water, this time Hu Ma Zi did not feel any danger other than the cold water of the pool.

In other words, the water had become ordinary water, without the sword qi swimming in it, and it would not cause any harm to anyone!

Jian Lao seemed to sense something, and his whole body instantly disappeared, before heading directly towards the bottom of the pool!

Hu Pazi also wanted to jump into the pool water, but was pulled back by Master Iron Hammer “You can not go to the hustle, you this is down to the bottom of the pool, afraid that only to send life ……”

At this time the bottom of the pool, along with the formation constantly activated by Kai, the original quiet bottom of the pool, now becomes raging, a rampant sword qi, constantly absorbed by the formation!

The Dragon Cutting Sword in Kai’s body seemed to be summoned and instantly broke away from Kai’s body and immediately plunged straight into the very middle of the formation!

As the Dragon Cutting Sword was inserted into the formation, the light around the formation all headed towards the Dragon Cutting Sword, and countless lights followed the Dragon Cutting Sword, and countless sword qi rushed towards the Dragon Cutting Sword!

Kai’s eyes were filled with astonishment as he looked at this, now that the Dragon Cutting Sword had been inserted into the formation, it had instantly increased the power of the formation by a lot!

Those sword puppets that had fled were now transformed into a sword qi under the impact of the formation’s aura, and were absorbed by the formation!

Rumble …………

Along with the countless sword qi swarming around, the light curtain that had originally isolated the pond water collapsed at this moment, and a large amount of pond water instantly came crashing down towards Kai!

Kai felt the impact of the pond water and stood motionless like a sharp sword, letting the pond water pound him, while the sword qi raging around him kept hitting Kai!

Kai’s eyes became hot, such pure sword qi and the impact of the water was the perfect time to temper his body!

Moreover, the sword qi absorbed by the formation was also a good resource for cultivation!


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