A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2462

Above the Sword Washing Pool!

The pockmarked Hu looked at the pond, his face full of anxiety, Kai had been down there for half a day, so he should have taken out the Dragon Cleansing Sword a long time ago, but there was no movement at all in the pond now!

“You guys should leave, don’t wait any longer, there is no way that kid will come up alive, there are hundreds of sword puppets under this pool, anyone who goes down into it will be torn apart.”

Jian Lao said coldly to Hu Ma Zi and Master Iron Hammer!

“Impossible, Kai won’t die so easily, he is a Golden Dragon True Body, what kind of dangers have he not encountered, he has still turned out to be safe, just a small Sword Washing Pond, there is no way it will kill Kai!”

Pocky Hu retorted loudly to Jian Lao!

“Hahahaha, as the saying goes, a dragon swimming in the shallows is being played by shrimps, even if he really is a golden dragon, he would be useless under this Sword Washing Pond.”

Jian Lao laughed out loud.

“Don’t be so happy so early, you’ll be smacked in the face in a moment.”

Pocky Hu said as he glared at Elder Sword with indignation.

“I get punched in the face?” The corners of Jian Lao’s mouth lifted “Then I’ll show you guys what this kid is up against and see if it will hit me in the face ……”

The pond water instantly rippled!

Immediately under the clear water of the pool, a scene was mapped out, it was the scene of Kai being chased by hundreds of sword puppets!

Hu Ma Zi, who saw this scene, instantly raised his heart to his throat!

“Do you think anyone would survive hundreds of Transformation Realm Sword Puppets?”

Jian Lao asked as he looked smugly at Hu Ma Zi.

Pocky Hu did not speak, his fists clenched, his palms all sweaty as he worried for Kai!

And at this moment, Kai was so focused on desperately escaping that he couldn’t even observe his surroundings!

“It looks like we have to think of a way to do this, we’ll be exhausted if we continue like this.”

Kai frowned.

Although these sword puppets were not fast and could not catch up with Kai for the time being, but Kai could not keep on these escapes, sooner or later the spiritual energy in his body would be depleted!

Unknowingly, Kai began to circle around the bottom of the pond so many times that he even became dizzy himself!

At this moment, Kai suddenly tripped over something and almost lost his balance and fell to the ground!

When Kai looked down, he found a piece of boulder protruding out a little bit, and it was this boulder that Kai had tripped over!

Kai gently swept away the mud and sand, and soon a dull light emerged from the boulder, and along with this light, light began to shoot out from the mud and sand around the boulder!

Seeing this, Kai hurriedly cleared out the area. It was only at this time that Kai could see that there was a huge spell formation underneath the pool of water!

Pieces of lapis lazuli, seemingly chaotic, were placed according to certain rules, and each piece of lapis lazuli was emitting a light!

“No wonder this Sword Washing Pond is able to quench swords, it turns out that it’s because of this spell formation, not the effect of this pond water ……”

Kai looked at the magic formation in front of him and suddenly realized that without this magic formation underneath, this Sword Washing Pond would have been an ordinary puddle of water!

With the lapis radiating light, then these lights formed a very large talisman formation mapped on the bottom of the pool water!

Those sword puppets that were chasing Kai all stopped in their tracks when they felt the aura emanating from this formation, and none of them dared to come forward!

Seeing this scene, Kai heaved a sigh of relief, as long as these sword puppets were not chasing him, Kai would have time to study this huge formation!

Kai wondered what kind of person would set up such a huge formation at the bottom of this pool.


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