A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2461

Kai was now being attacked from two sides, with the sword puppet above and the sword puppet below, Kai had no way to escape!

He saw Kai’s palms form a seal, and two lights suddenly lit up, turning into a barrier above his head, he wanted to block the dozens of sword puppets coming down from above!

After touching the barrier, the dozens of sword puppets went berserk, trying desperately to smash into the barrier!

But Kai’s barrier was so strong and unbreakable that the dozens of sword puppets couldn’t penetrate it even though they were desperately trying to hit it!

Although Kai had temporarily stopped the dozens of sword puppets, this was not a long-term solution, if this continued, the barrier would be broken sooner or later!

Kai looked at the Dragon Cutting Sword at his feet, and with a stern look in his eyes, he clenched his teeth and dashed towards the bottom like a meteor.

As Kai’s body rushed into the camp of the sword puppets, dozens of sword puppets were all startled, and each of them emitted a manic aura, waving the weapons in their hands and rushing towards Kai!

Kai grabbed the Dragon Chopper Sword in his hand and turned to flee!

As he fled, Kai took out his God King’s Bow and kept pulling the string, shooting out arrows towards the sword spirits!

Kai could not escape upwards, he could only escape to one side, and when he had avoided this area, Kai planned to go back upwards into the pool of water!

Dozens of sword puppets burst out in a roar and rushed forward in a desperate attempt to meet Kai’s rain of arrows!

“These unconscious guys are not afraid of death at all ……”

Kai looked at the dozens of Sword Puppets with the cultivation level of the Realm of Transformation, he only felt a pang of numbness in his scalp, if he was caught up by these dozens of Sword Puppets, Kai knew that he was afraid that he would be destroyed in an instant!

Rumble …………

At this time, a dozen sword puppets from above also broke through the barrier, following the large group to converge and charge towards Kai, these sword puppets were chasing Kai relentlessly, seemingly stopping Kai from taking the Dragon Cutting Sword!

Kai drew his bowstring with great effort, and with a low cry, dozens of arrows condensed by the power of the Dao pattern on the bowstring were shot directly at the sword puppets!

In an instant, several sword puppets were shot, but they were not able to kill them, nor could they stop them from attacking at all!

Although Kai shot out dozens of arrow feathers at once, the power of each arrow feather was much reduced, so it did not cause fatal damage when it hit these sword puppets!

Just as Kai was fleeing and attacking towards those sword puppets to block them, a terrifying force suddenly came from behind Kai!

Kai hurriedly looked back, and with this look, cold sweat instantly broke out on Kai’s body!

He saw that not far behind him, an uncountable number of sword puppets were coming towards Kai’s side.

There were hundreds of sword puppets in this group, and now two teams of sword puppets were coming towards Kai, which scared Kai!

“Where the f*ck did this come from again?”

Kai couldn’t help but curse, the power of so many Sword Puppets, if they came together, would be absolutely terrifying, even if these Sword Puppets didn’t fight, the aura they emitted would be enough to crush Kai!

Kai could only desperately turn around and flee, and at this moment, a strange scene appeared in the Sword Washing Pool.

Kai did not even have the time to turn around and attack, he could only rely on his flexible positioning to avoid the pursuit of these sword puppets, fortunately these sword puppets were not spiritually intelligent and moved slowly, which allowed Kai to be safe for the time being.


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