A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2460

Kai saw that his own Dragon Cutting Sword was surrounded by these sword puppets!

If he wanted to get his hands on the sword, Kai would have to destroy these sword puppets or lure them away!

There were dozens of sword puppets, and each of them had a violent aura, and they were all above the Realm of Transformation, Kai did not have the ability to deal with so many sword puppets at once!

If it was just one or two Sword Puppets of the Realm of Transformation, Kai would not be afraid, but with dozens of Sword Puppets, Kai knew that if he went down to get the Dragon Slashing Sword, he would be killed by these Sword Puppets in an instant!

Kai’s body hovered in mid-air, quietly observing the sword puppets at his feet, his brow slightly frowning as he pondered on a solution!

Fortunately, these sword puppets did not have spiritual awareness, so Kai was floating above their heads, and these sword puppets could not detect them at all, or else Kai would have been in a terrible mess!

After observing for more than ten minutes, Kai knew that it was not a solution to keep on going like this, so Kai’s body slowly fell downwards and approached the sword puppets!

Kai tried his best to collect his aura to prevent the sword puppets from finding him!

But after Kai’s body had descended some distance, the sword puppets beneath him suddenly stopped moving and burst into a burst of light, their terrifying auras coming towards Kai!

These Sword Puppets raised their heads and then quickly charged towards Kai, who saw this and backed up rapidly, trying to follow those Sword Puppets to make distance!

But those sword puppets were chasing after Kai, not giving him a chance to escape at all.

Looking at the few sword puppets that were coming after him, Kai saw that the other sword puppets didn’t seem to notice him, and still kept wandering around.

“Could it be that the only way to get the attention of these sword puppets was to get closer by a certain distance?”

Kai stopped his body and looked at the few sword puppets that were chasing him, his palms flipped and a harsh aura slapped out from Kai’s palm!

Boom boom boom …………

With a few slaps, Kai instantly burst the bodies of the sword puppets that were chasing him, turning them into a sword qi that slowly dissipated!

“That’s a good way to do it ……”

Kai looked at the few sword puppets that he had destroyed, and inwardly he became happy!

He could lure those sword puppets over little by little and then destroy them one by one, so that when the number of sword puppets decreased, Kai could take out the Dragon Cutting Sword!

Soon the aura of Kai’s body attracted the attention of several sword puppets that were close to him, and then they came after him!

Kai was overjoyed, and after luring those few sword puppets away, he quickly destroyed them!

With this method, Kai was able to quickly eliminate a dozen sword puppets, although this method was a bit slow and it would take a long time to eliminate these dozens of sword puppets, but now Kai could not think of a better way!

Just as Kai was approaching the sword puppets again, he suddenly felt that something was wrong, he felt that there was an aura coming down from the pool above his head!

Kai suddenly looked up, and when he did, Kai instantly drew a cold breath!

He saw a dozen sword puppets, wielding their swords, breaking through the curtain of light from the water and heading straight for Kai!

“What is this, could it be that the sword puppets I just killed have come back to life?”

Kai was so shocked that he was sweating profusely!

Those sword puppets that Kai had just killed, after they were killed, those sword puppets dissipated into sword qi and then floated into the pool water, and then those sword qi formed sword puppets again.

That is, Kai had not killed a single sword puppet in half a day, and now that these sword puppets were coming from above, Kai did not even have a place to hide!


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