A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2459

And Kai’s expression became incomparably grave as he faced the Sword Elder’s overwhelming sword qi. Although this Sword Elder was only a spirit body, the sword qi that was emitted was incomparably condensed.

Kai dared not be the least bit careless and hurriedly unleashed his Invincible Golden Body, his body was covered with golden scales, followed by Kai taking out his God King Bow!

As he fiercely pulled the God King’s Bow, countless dots of light began to flicker above the bowstring of the God King’s Bow, and a single arrow feather flickered with golden light appeared!

Kai let out a loud cry and loosened the bowstring, countless arrow feathers headed towards those sword qi!

Boom boom boom ………………

In mid-air, a bursting sound rang out as all of Jian Lao’s sword qi was stopped by Kai with his God King Bow!

And Elder Jian was frowning, staring at the God King Bow in Kai’s hand, dumbfounded!

“You still have such a divine weapon in your hand, it seems to be quite simple ……”

Jian Lao said with some emotion!

“Jian Lao, I just want to get back the Dragon Cutting Sword, I don’t want to fight you, and I still hope you can hand over the Dragon Cutting Sword.”

Kai said to Elder Jian without being condescending!

Jian Lao looked at Kai and after a moment said “I can give you the Dragon Cutting Sword, but you need to personally go to the bottom of the pool to get it back, I don’t know if you have the guts to do so?”

“Just take it back, what’s so daring about it?”

Kai finished his sentence and was about to jump into the Sword Washing Pool!

Although the sword energy in this Sword Washing Pond was rampant, Kai’s seemingly fleshly body, coupled with his imperishable golden body, was not incapable of resisting the sword energy within the Sword Washing Pond!

“Kai, there are countless sword puppets in this Sword Washing Pool, once one of our Alchemy Sect elders jumped into the pool after getting drunk and took a bath, and never came back up ……”

Master Iron Hammer said to Kai!

Kai was stunned, he didn’t expect that this Sword Washing Pool had generated sword puppets in addition to this sword elder, he had to know that the strength of these sword puppets was enhanced with the sword qi.

Now that there was so much harsh sword qi in this Sword Washing Pond, the strength of the sword puppets inside must not be low either!

“Kid, don’t you dare to go and get it?” Sword Elder smiled despicably “If you can bring up the Zang Long Sword, I can promise you that not only will I repair that Zang Long Sword, I will also upgrade the quality of the Zang Long Sword.”

As soon as Kai heard this, he nodded and said “Good, then it’s a deal …………”

The first time Kai entered the pool, he instantly felt the harsh sword qi passing over his body!

Only these sword qi could not hurt Kai, so Kai went all the way towards the depths of the pool!

As Kai went deeper, the pool of water, which had been brightly lit, began to turn dark, and Hu Ma Zi and Master Iron Hammer above him could no longer see Kai’s figure!

Kai spread out his divine sense, resisting the sword qi while searching for the whereabouts of the Dragon Cutting Sword!

Soon, it seemed that Kai had encountered a boundary, and as he travelled downstream, the resistance increased exponentially, and was accompanied by a huge recoil that was pushing Kai’s body backwards!

Kai exploded with power, his body lurched forward, and after a tremendous squeeze, Kai’s body suddenly loosened up and his whole body fell rapidly downwards!

Only then did Kai realise that there was no more water around him, and when he looked up, he found a curtain of light above his head, isolating him from the water.

There was a huge hollow below, and Kai’s body was suspended in the air, falling downwards.

As Kai’s body descended, a violent aura surged upwards from below.


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