A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2458

Just as Kai and Master Iron Hammer were all anxious and at a loss for words, a huge bubble suddenly emerged from the pool water, followed by an old man with white hair slowly rising from the pool water!

The old man’s body was empty and solid, hovering above the pond water, and at first glance it was a spirit body, not a physical body!

After seeing the old man, Master Iron Hammer instantly became respectful and saluted, “Iron Hammer, a disciple of the Weaponry Refinement Sect, pay my respects to Elder Jian ……”

The Sword Elder gave Master Iron Hammer a cold look and said, “It’s been more than ten years, I thought everyone in the Alchemy Sect had died out, but I didn’t expect there were still Alchemy Sect disciples who remembered this side of the Sword Washing Pond.”

“Jian Lao helped our Alchemy Sect quench the divine sword countless times, how could our Alchemy Sect forget Jian Lao, just now there is a precious sword of my friend, want to use the Sword Washing Pool to repair, but now it has sunk to the bottom of the pool, hope Jian Lao can return that sword ……”

Master Iron Hammer said to Jian Lao!

“Just that chopping dragon sword just now? That is one of my most prized swords that I have quenched, but I don’t want it to become like this now.”

Elder Sword said with a very unhappy face!

“Jian Lao, the Zang Long Sword has been left behind in the secular world for many years because the sword spirit was damaged, and I have just obtained the Zang Long Sword not long ago, and now it is broken because the Zang Long Sword is having a hard time withstanding my power.”

“Please also ask Elder Sword to help repair the Dragon Cutting Sword, I believe that in my hands, the Dragon Cutting Sword will definitely be able to use its maximum power ……”

Kai pleaded to Elder Jian!

The Sword Elder gave Kai a look, with a bit of disdain in his eyes, “With your power, how could the Dragon Cutting Sword not be able to withstand it, I think it’s simply because you don’t care for it at all, that’s why you let a divine sword fall to such a state.”

“Now that the Dragon Cutting Sword is back in my hands, I won’t hand it over, I want to refine it and make it an even higher grade sword.”

Jian Lao said coldly!

“Jian Lao, that Zang Long Sword has followed this Kai and his human sword has become one, and the sword spirit has already recognized its master, I still hope that Jian Lao can return the Zang Long Sword to him.”

Master Iron Hammer hurriedly begged for mercy!

“The human sword is united and the sword spirit has recognized its master, that is also because the Zhan Long Sword’s sword spirit was damaged and was picked up by this kid at a fragile moment, otherwise how could it have recognized him as its master?”

“This Zhan Long Sword is like my child, I won’t allow my child to marry a powerless person, looking at this guy’s aura, he is only at the Transformation Realm, he doesn’t deserve to own the Zhan Long Sword!”

The sword elder said as his body began to tremble like a ripple and began to slowly fade away!

When Kai saw this, his brow just furrowed, followed by the power of the divine Dragon condensing on his right fist.

“Holy Light Fist ……”

Kai smashed his fist out towards the Sword Washing Pool, and a huge golden fist of light enveloped the entire Sword Washing Pool!

Since this Jian Lao wouldn’t hand over the Dragon Cutting Sword, Kai had no choice but to make his move, the Dragon Cutting Sword had long been a part of his body and no one could take it away!

“Kai, stop …………”

Master Iron Hammer saw that Kai had actually struck out at Jian Lao, and hurriedly shouted out loud!

But Kai’s fist had already viciously smashed on top of the pool of the Sword Washing Pool, and the tremendous force caused the water to rise up to the sky!

The Jian Lao’s body, which had been slowly disappearing, became solid at this moment!

“How dare you, how dare you strike at me ……”

Jian Lao’s face turned cold as he waved his double sleeves and countless sword qi shot out, instantly piercing through Kai’s golden fist of light!

“The Alchemy Sect has been destroyed for more than ten years, and still no one dares to easily touch the old man’s Sword Washing Pool, yet I don’t want you, a hairy boy, to dare to make a move against me ……”

The sword old man’s face was filled with anger, and his harsh sword qi came towards Kai!

Kai’s punch was shattered by the sword qi, along with the raining sword qi coming towards Kai, Hu Ma Zi and Master Iron Hammer beside Kai were all terrified and turned pale!


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