A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2457

Hu Ma Zi looked at the clear pool of water and couldn’t help but squat down, wanting to wash his face so he could wash off the dust and dirt from the past few days!

“Don’t move …………”

Seeing this, Master Iron Hammer hurriedly shouted at Hu Pazi!

But it was already too late, Hu Pazzi had already reached his hands into the pool water, but the moment Hu Pazzi’s hands touched the pool water, suddenly a harsh aura darted through the pool water!

Fortunately, Hu Ma Zi was warned by Master Hammer and as the powerful auras came, his body quickly retreated and he rolled on the ground to avoid the attack!

Hu Pazi got up in a mess and wiped the cold sweat from his forehead, “How could there be such a sharp breath in this pool of water, it almost killed me ……”

“Master Hu, are you all right?” Kai saw the situation and hurriedly asked.

“Nothing!” Pocky Hu shook his head.

“Master Iron Hammer, what’s going on?” Kai looked at Master Iron Hammer and asked!

Master Iron Hammer explained, “This Sword Washing Pond has been washing and tempering swords for years and months, and the water in this pond has already contained a large amount of sword qi, and this sword qi has also condensed into a sword spirit, which guards the Sword Washing Pond and cannot be touched at will.”

“What? You say that sword spirits also exist inside this pond? Where is it? Why can’t I see it?”

Hu Ma Zi was shocked and looked towards the pool of water, but he couldn’t see the existence of the sword spirit at all either!

Kai was also curious and looked carefully at the Sword Washing Pool. He found that although the water of the Sword Washing Pool was clear, he could only see a few metres deep at eye level, and downwards it was white, so he could not see anything at all, nor could he tell what was underneath the pool.

However, Kai could clearly feel that in the pond, a severe sword qi, like swimming fish, was constantly passing through.

“Master Iron Hammer, what should we do next? You should have a solution, right?”

Kai asked to Master Iron Hammer.

“That’s of course, as an Alchemist of the Alchemy Sect, my own sect’s Sword Washing Pool, of course I have a solution.”

Master Iron Hammer nodded “You give me the Dragon Chopping Sword, I’ll throw it into this Sword Washing Pond to quench it ……”

Kai offered up the Chopping Dragon Sword and then handed it over to Master Iron Hammer.

The Iron Hammer Master took the Dragon Cutting Sword and recited the words under his breath, then he put his fingers together and a golden light emitted from his fingertips and shot out towards the Sword Washing Pool!

The golden light instantly entered the Sword Washing Pond, and the originally calm pond suddenly began to surge, with a wave gushing upwards!

Seeing this, Master Iron Hammer threw the Dragon Slashing Sword in his hand towards the pond, and it fell into the pond and was gone in an instant!

Immediately afterwards, the tumbling water suddenly began to calm down, and the entire Sword Washing Pool returned to the way it was just now, as if nothing had happened!

When Master Iron Hammer saw this, his whole body froze, looking incredulously at the Sword Washing Pool in front of him!

“Master Iron Hammer, what is this …… going on? Where is my Dragon Chopping Sword?”

Kai looked at Master Ironhammer like that and hurriedly asked!

“How did this …… happen? It shouldn’t be?”

Master Iron Hammer was also a bit flustered at this point, and as he kept reciting the magic words under his breath, a golden light shot out towards the Sword Washing Pool!

But the pond was dead silent, there was no more movement, and even the dragon chopping sword was no longer in sight!

No matter how hard Master Iron Hammer tried to cast his spell, the Sword Washing Pool still did not move.

Kai was equally anxious and his forehead was covered in cold sweat, knowing that the Dragon Cutting Sword had become part of Kai’s body.


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