A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2456

“Kai?” Yun’er muttered in a small voice, then asked “So, Brother Kai, where are you from? Look at your really good hands ……”

“I …………” Kai opened his mouth, but he didn’t know where to say he was from.

He couldn’t follow Yun’er and say that he was from the secular world, could he?

I’m afraid Yun’er doesn’t necessarily know where the secular world is or what it is!

“I’m from Qingniu Peak ……” Kai said as he remembered where the Weapon Refining Sect was located!

“Qingniu Peak?” Yun’er’s eyes were wide open, her face full of surprise “That place is far, far away, I didn’t expect you guys to come from there.”

“You will definitely have to walk for a long time on this journey, I have some beast meat here, take it, you can replenish your energy on the way ……”

With that, Yun’er took out a cloth bag filled with cut up beast meat!

These beast meat was actually of no use to Kai and the others, but to Yun’er, it was precious, as these beast meat could also be sold for money.

Now that Yun’er had given the beast meat to Kai, it was clear that Yun’er knew how to repay her kindness, and was not the kind of person who forgot about profit and righteousness.

In this way, the humans of the Celestial Realm are not all selfish and self-serving!

Kai took the cloth bag and casually put it in his storage ring, then took out a jade pendant from his storage ring!

After injecting a trace of dragon and phoenix power into the jade pendant, Kai handed it to Yun’er and said, “Miss Yun’er, I have a jade pendant for you, so you can carry it with you and get twice the result with half the effort when hunting demonic beasts.”

The dragon and phoenix power that Kai had punched in was the power of a divine beast and possessed the aura of a divine beast, so as long as it was not a particularly high level demonic beast, Yun’er would not dare to come close to it if she carried this jade pendant!

Yun’er pushed back a few times, but finally took the jade pendant.

After following Yun’er’s farewell, Kai set off on the road to the Sword Washing Pond. As for the Boulder Village, Kai didn’t care too much about it, he just regarded it as a minor incident on his way!

Little did Kai know that in the near future, it was the tiny mountain village of Bashi that would save his life ……


After a few days of trekking, Kai and the others finally arrived at the foot of Qingniu Peak!

Looking at the familiar place, Master Iron Hammer’s eyes were surprisingly moist, he hadn’t been to this familiar place of his for over ten years!

“It’s been over ten years, I wonder if the Alchemy Sect’s clan is still around ……”

Master Iron Hammer was filled with emotion, and then headed towards the mountain!

Kai and Hu Pazi followed closely behind, afraid that if they lost this Iron Hammer Master, the two of them would not be reduced to beggars in this unfamiliar Celestial Realm by then?

Shortly afterwards, a towering stone gate appeared, surrounded by overgrown grass and trees, but the stone gate was still standing!

On top of the stone gate were carved the three words of the Alchemy Sect, which were still clearly visible despite the vicissitudes of time!

The place had been deserted for a long time and could no longer be seen in its original form, but looking at the size of the rubble, the Alchemy Sect must have been very glorious once!

Looking at the scene in front of him, Master Iron Hammer knelt down heavily and cried out in pain!

Looking at Master Iron Hammer who was crying in pain, neither Kai nor Hu Ma Zi said anything, they just waited in silence!

After all, no one could control their emotions when they saw their clan in this state!

Master Iron Hammer cried for a long time before wiping his tears and leading Kai and Hu Puzi deeper within the Alchemy Sect!

Soon a deep pool appeared in front of Kai, its water bubbling with bone-chilling coldness!

Although it had been untended for so many years, the water was incredibly clear, without a single impurity!


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