A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2455

This aura was different from the spiritual energy emanating from other cultivators, and was more like the kind of Daoist power within Kai’s body.

Kai, who was originally inside the stone house, lying in boredom, stood up instantly after he felt this aura!

At the same time, Pocky Hu and Master Iron Hammer also felt this aura that enveloped them!

“I didn’t expect that there were still experts within this small mountain village ……”

Hu Pazzi spoke after sensing this aura!

On the other hand, Kai was full of shock, the whole person instantly rushed out from within the stone house, in front of Kai, those formations outside the stone house, were like a void, and could not stop Kai in the slightest!

Seeing Kai walk out of the stone house with ease, and the surrounding formations did not stop Kai in the slightest, this shocked Ah Li and Yun’er!

Hu Ma Zi and Master Iron Hammer also walked out of the stone house one after another, and this time Ah Li stood awkwardly in his place, not knowing what to say!

He thought that the stone house was surrounded by formations and could completely trap Kai, but in Kai’s eyes, these so-called formations were not the least bit useful!

The old woman also sensed Kai and the others coming out of the stone house, her brow furrowed and her face turned ugly!

The aura that had just been emitted let her know that the three people in front of her were more powerful than she had imagined.

The old woman subconsciously shielded Yun’er behind her, and then said, “Three, you are all half immortal, why are you still interested in this small mountain village?”

Kai did not say anything, but emitted his aura and instantly enveloped towards the old woman, followed by a divine sense that directly pierced through the old woman’s body and entered her sea of consciousness!

The old woman desperately tried to resist, but it was of no use at all!

In just a few moments, Kai’s aura and divine sense were all withdrawn, and he looked at the blind old woman in front of him quietly!

Kai could now conclude that the old woman in front of him was a demon cultivator, belonging to the demon race, not to the human race!

But Kai did not understand why this old woman, who was obviously a demon, would follow a human being to live in this small mountain village.

Moreover, it looked like this old woman was very protective of Yun’er, and just subconsciously protected Yun’er behind her.

“Granny, we just inadvertently saw Miss Yun’er being chased by a demonic beast in the mountain forest, so we came to her rescue and sent her back, and have no interest in this mountain village.”

“If you don’t welcome us, we can leave now, I hope you won’t misunderstand ……”

Kai didn’t reveal the identity of that old woman!

“In that case, then you can leave, we don’t have anything you want in this poor mountain village either.”

The old woman gave a direct order of expulsion.

Kai also did not expect this old woman to be so direct, after a slight daze, so he turned around and walked towards the outside of Bashi Village!

Since he wasn’t welcome, there was no need for Kai to stay here, not to mention that he didn’t have any intentions for this Boulder Village either!

Kai followed Hu Ma Zi and Master Iron Hammer out of Bashi Village, and it was only when Kai and the others had left that the old woman heaved a sigh of relief!

And Yun’er took advantage of the granny’s inattention to chase after Kai and the others!

“Wait a minute guys …………”

Yun’er caught up with Kai and the others.

Kai turned around and saw Yun’er, who was red in the face, catching up with them, so he asked, “Yun’er, is there anything else?”

Yun’er was a little embarrassed and said, “My grandmother doesn’t like strangers, so don’t be offended, you saved me and I don’t know your name yet.”

“My name is Kai.” Kai said with a faint smile.


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