A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2453

When Hu Ma Zi saw this, he immediately had a fire, although this was the Celestial Realm, but looking at these low strength guys in front of him, Hu Ma Zi himself could scrap them with one hand, how could he still be threatened!

Just when Hu Ma Zi wanted to make a move, he was stopped by Kai, he didn’t want Hu Ma Zi to hurt people at will in the Celestial Realm!

And that Master Hammer had a faint smile on his face and didn’t say a word, he seemed to be intentionally making Kai feel the animosity between humans in the Celestial Realm!

“Fine, we will follow you ……”

Kai nodded his head and agreed to that Ally!

The group then headed towards Bashi Village, which was a small village with only a hundred or ten families, while around the village were formations arranged, which looked like a defence against demonic beasts!

On the west side of the village were two towers, only a dozen metres high, with people guarding them, and in front of the entrance there were also people with weapons guarding them.

Kai looked at such a small village in front of him, but it was still so heavily guarded, he was a bit puzzled as to why this was!

Many people greeted Ali after seeing him!

And when they saw Kai and the strangers, they all showed curiosity, and there were even several children who ran after Kai like they were watching a demon, carefully looking at them!

This strange behaviour of the villagers made Kai more and more curious about this Boulder Village, and how many villages like this there were in this Celestial Realm!

Originally, Kai had thought that the Celestial Realm was full of experts and that there were cultivators of the Realm of Transformation everywhere, but now that he saw this Boulder Village, it was nothing like the Celestial Realm he had imagined!

“Sister Yun’er, let Old Zhang deal with this demon beast corpse, I’ll help you take the beast skin and beast pellets to the town tomorrow and sell them, and then buy some medicine for your grandmother!”

“Remember, you are not allowed to sneak out of the village to hunt demon beasts anymore, it’s too dangerous, even if you are not eaten by a demon beast, it’s still very dangerous to run into people from other villages.”

After entering Boulder Village, Ally reprimanded the girl!

“I know ……”

The girl bowed her head and seemed a little aggrieved!

Seeing this, Ah Li stroked the girl’s head heartily and then sent someone to help her carry the demon beast corpse away.

While Ah Li invited Kai to walk towards a stone house. Before he could walk into the stone house, Kai noticed that a formation had been laid around it, but Kai didn’t point it out and followed it in!

To Kai, this kind of formation was just like a child playing house, it could not trap them!

When he walked into the stone house, Ah Li said to Kai, “You can rest here first, I will send someone to bring you some food ……”

After saying that, Ah Li walked out!

As soon as Ah Li stepped out of the stone house, a dazzling white light flashed up, and a beam of light rose up around the entire stone house, trapping Kai and the others inside like a prison!

When Hu Ma Zi saw this, he was stunned, then he cursed at Ah Li and said, “Damn it, you bastards, even if you don’t treat us well, how dare you trap us?”

But Ah Li just turned around and gave Hu Ma Zi a cold glare and left without saying anything!

“Damn it, what the hell are all the people in this Celestial Realm? It feels like they’re all sick in the head ……”

Hu Pazzi cursed!

“Didn’t I tell you guys a long time ago that the most frightening thing in the Celestial Realm is the hearts of the people, in the Celestial Realm, there is only suspicion and suspicion among humans.”

Master Iron Hammer said with a faint smile.

“Humans in the Celestial Realm seem to be going through a very serious crisis of trust, this paradise in the eyes of people in the secular world doesn’t seem to be a real paradise either ……”

Kai said with some emotion!


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