A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2452

After Kai and the others had travelled for some time, the little girl suddenly pointed to a short distance and said, “The village of Bashi is up ahead, thank you, I’ll go back myself ……”

The girl said, took the demon beast corpse from Hu Ma Zi’s hand, and then went towards the Bashi village not far away by herself!

The girl is so rude that we saved her and sent her back without inviting us to her house for a drink?”

Kai was also a bit surprised, seeing that this girl did not look like the kind of person who did not know how to be polite, how could she not even invite them in when they arrived at the entrance of the village?

“In the Celestial Realm, there is a strong wariness between people, and small villages like this one do not allow strangers to enter.”

Master Iron Hammer could see Kai and Hu Pazi’s doubts, and explained!

When Kai heard this, he felt a little surprised, not understanding how everyone in this Celestial Realm had such a high level of wariness.

But since the girl had not invited them, Kai and the others could not force themselves to follow them home, so as not to cause unnecessary misunderstandings.

Now that the girl was no longer in danger either, Kai planned to leave and go to Qingniu Peak!

But just as Kai was about to leave, suddenly seven or eight strong men dressed in animal skin and holding weapons in their hands surrounded Kai and the others!

Kai swept a glance at these men and found that they were not very strong either, similar to the strength of the girl just now!

He had no enemies in the Celestial Realm, so how could these people hate him so much?

“Who are you people? What are you doing sneaking around in our Boulder Village?”

One of the youths holding a large sword asked in a stern voice at Kai and the others!

“We are escorting a girl back, and she is from your Bashi Village, that’s why we came here.”

Kai explained!

“Escorting someone from our Boulder Village back?” The youth frowned slightly!

“Brother Li, don’t listen to his nonsense, I think a few of them are Big Green Village’s spies who have come to spy on our Bashi Village, let’s arrest them first.”

A strong man with a face full of anger said to the youth.

The youth looked at Kai for a few moments before waving his hand and saying, “Arrest them first. ……”

Seven or eight strong men were about to step forward to arrest Kai and the others, while Hu Ma Zi looked at these people, his fingers were pinching and he was ready to make his move.

These few people don’t need others to do it, just Hu Ma Zi himself can easily solve it!

But at that moment, the girl who had just left suddenly turned back and shouted “Brother Ally, don’t do it, they are escorting me back ……”

The girl shouted and ran, stopping in front of Kai and the others to prevent the seven or eight strong men from doing anything!

“Yun’er sister, what’s going on?”

Ah Li asked as he turned to the girl.

The girl hurriedly told the whole situation, and then showed Ah Li and the others the demonic beast that had been killed!

Only when they saw the corpse of the demonic beast did these people believe the girl’s words!

But that Ah Li had obviously not dispelled his suspicion and hostility towards Kai and the others!

“A few of you, since it was you who saved sister Yun’er, why don’t you come and sit in our Bashi village, so that we can do our best to repay you as hosts ……”

A Li said to Kai and the others!

“No need, we have other things to do, we won’t bother you ……”

After this incident, Kai didn’t want to waste time going to any Boulder Village, and it was obvious that the other party still possessed hostility towards a few of them!

“You saved the people of our Boulder Village, our Boulder Village should repay you, this is the rule of our Boulder Village, please come with me ……”

Ah Li’s tone was very firm, there was no room for negotiation at all!

After Ah Li finished his words, several other strong men blocked Kai’s way to them!

It looked like Kai and the others were going to go or not ……


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