A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2451

Seeing this, Kai could no longer rest, and directly disregarded Master Iron Hammer’s obstruction, he flicked his right hand with a curved finger, and a golden light went straight for the demonic beast!

Roar …………

The demonic beast was hit by the golden light, and after a roar, it instantly fell to the ground and died!

With Kai’s current strength, dealing with a demonic beast of this level would only require a wave of his hand!

The demonic beast was dead, and the girl slowly crawled up with a bewildered look on her face, full of shock!

“Thanks …… thank you ……”

The girl timidly followed Kai and said thank you!

And at that moment, a roar came from not far away, accompanied by the trembling of the earth!

“Bad, a large number of demonic beasts are coming this way, let’s get out of here ……”

Master Iron Hammer felt the trembling of the earth and said with a frown!

“Girl, run away quickly, a large number of demonic beasts are already coming this way ……”

Kai barked out a warning to the girl, and after he finished speaking, he intended to follow Master Ironhammer away!

But the girl snapped back, followed by grabbing the demonic beast that had just died with both hands and struggling to carry it on her back!

It was obvious that the girl was struggling, gritting her teeth as she carried the corpse of the demonic beast one step forward!

Seeing this, Kai was amazed, not understanding why this girl was running for her life and carrying this demonic beast corpse on her back?

“Girl, you should quickly throw this demonic beast corpse away and run for your life, or you will be caught up by a large number of demonic beasts.”

Kai said to the girl!

But the girl didn’t say a word, desperately moving her steps forward, her body already drenched in sweat and blood!

Kai could not bear to see the girl being eaten by the demonic beasts, so he went forward and took the girl by the shoulders with one hand, followed by a leap, and went out hundreds of meters in an instant!

Only after Kai had fled with the girl for tens of miles did he stop, while Master Iron Hammer was looking at Kai with an unhappy face!

“You little girl, how come you don’t even want your own life for the sake of this demonic beast corpse?”

Pocky Hu stepped forward and reprimanded the girl!

The girl looked at Hu Pazzi’s fierce look, biting her lips, her eyes full of aggression, and in the end, she even cried!

This caused Hu Pazzi to freeze instantly, somewhat at a loss for words!

“I want this demonic beast corpse in exchange for spirit coins to give my grandmother medical treatment, my grandmother is sick, otherwise I wouldn’t have come to this mountain range alone to hunt demonic beasts.”

The girl was crying very sadly!

“Little girl, don’t cry, where are you staying, we’ll send you back!”

Kai saw that the little girl was crying very sadly, and that she had ventured out to hunt demonic beasts for the sake of her granny, so he decided to send the little girl home!

“My family lives not far away in Bashi Village!”

The little girl said, pointing towards the west!

“Good, then let’s go now!” After Kai finished speaking, he glanced at Pocky Hu and said, “Master Hu, you carry this demon beast’s corpse on your back.”

“Why should I carry it?” Pocky Hu was stunned!

“Who let you scare people into tears, of course you carry it ……”

Kai said with a smile!

Hu Ma Zi rolled his eyes and could only reach out and pick up the demonic beast corpse!

“Master Iron Hammer, let’s send this little girl back first before we go to Qingniu Peak!”

Kai said to Master Iron Hammer.

“Ai ……” Master Iron Hammer sighed “I am stopping you, not because I have a cruel heart, but you know too little about the affairs of the Celestial Realm.”

“Do you know what is most frightening in the Celestial Realm?”

“The most frightening thing in the Celestial Human Realm is not the demon race or the demon race, the most frightening thing is the hearts of people, often many people die not at the hands of the demon race or the demon race, but at the hands of their nearest and dearest.”

“To know that in front of absolute interests, there is nothing that can’t be betrayed, humans are far more terrifying than the demon race, the demon race.”

“Master Iron Hammer, you are too alarmist, although some people are bad, I feel that there are still more good people, let’s send the little girl back first.” After Kai finished speaking, he let the little girl lead the way and headed straight for Bashi Village.


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