A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2450

“Master Iron Hammer, how big is this Celestial Realm?” Kai asked.

“I’m not sure exactly how big it is, but it’s a hundred times bigger than your secular world, I guess.”

Master Iron Hammer said!

Hundreds of times?

Kai and Pocky Hu were once again shocked, they didn’t think that the Celestial Realm would be so big!

If they were to rush, even if they were strong enough to fly with the wind, even they would still have to waste a lot of time on the way!

Master Iron Hammer seemed to see the two people’s doubts, so he said, “In the Celestial Realm, many people know about teleportation formations, so they won’t really rely on walking, and there are many experts in the Celestial Realm, so even if these people don’t use teleportation formations, they can go out thousands of miles instantly with a single thought.”

“Right, people in the Celestial Realm are almost immortals, this distance is nothing.”

Hu Ma Zi said.

In Hu Ma Zi’s eyes, the Celestial Human Realm that was the Immortal Realm, the people of the Celestial Human Realm were all immortals!

Hearing Hu Ma Zi’s words, Master Iron Hammer laughed and said, “The people in the Celestial Realm are no different from your secular world, not everyone in the Celestial Realm is an expert, the Celestial Realm is just another world in time and space, and there are no immortals in the Celestial Realm.”

“A true immortal, that is someone who can cross space and time at will and reach any dimensional world at will, you guys should not think so well of the Celestial Realm ……”

Iron Hammer’s words instantly made Kai a little confused, knowing that the Celestial Realm was a place that many Mystic Realm cultivators had worked desperately to break through the void to reach, and in the end, in Master Iron Hammer’s mouth, the Celestial Realm turned out to be just like the Secular Realm, an ordinary world!

This was something Kai obviously did not believe, after all, within Kai’s perception, it should be different inside the Celestial Realm, after all, those devils were particularly powerful and all came from the Celestial Realm!

Master Iron Hammer didn’t explain, but led Kai and Hu Ma Zi to continue their journey, but just as the three of them were about to leave, they suddenly heard the roar of a demonic beast!

The three men looked for the sound and found a demonic beast charging out of the forest, and in front of the beast, a girl, only seventeen or eighteen years old, with a forehead covered in cold sweat and bloodstained body, was desperately trying to escape from the road!

From the aura emanating from the girl’s body, she was only at the NeoYing realm, a strength that could not even be considered an expert in the secular world, Kai did not understand how there could be people with such low realm strength in a place like the Celestial Realm.

The demonic beast behind the girl was obviously stronger and faster than the girl, and it was about to catch up with her!

The girl’s face was panic, after seeing Kai and the three of them, she slightly froze, then shouted “Help, help …………”

The girl changed direction and ran towards Kai and the others!

When Kai saw this, he was about to help, but he was stopped by Master Hammer, “Don’t bother, in the Celestial Realm, it’s best not to meddle, people in the Celestial Realm are not as nice as you think ……”

Kai looked at Master Iron Hammer in surprise, not understanding the meaning of Master Iron Hammer’s words, but just as soon as Master Iron Hammer stopped him, the demonic beast had already caught up with the girl!

“Roar …………”

After a roar, the demonic beast lunged towards the girl!

Seeing that Kai and the others weren’t going to help, the girl could only grit her teeth and, with a long-damaged machete in her hand, slashed viciously towards the demonic beast!

The demonic beast dodged the girl’s attack with one side of its body, and then with a fierce slap of its big claw, it sent the girl flying!

The beast then lunged and pounced on the girl, who was in despair and could only close her eyes helplessly, waiting for death to come!

The beast’s bloody mouth was already in front of the girl, and the girl was gagging from the thick smell of blood!


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