A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2449

Hu Pazi and the Hammer Master all tensed up when they saw Kai’s appearance!

“Ah …………”

Kai erupted with a roar, a deafening sound that shook both Pocky Hu and Master Iron Hammer to the point that their eardrums hurt!

Whoosh …………

Kai released the bowstring and the transparent arrow feather instantly shot out into the air!

The speedy arrow feather tore the air hard and made a sharp cracking sound!

Kai sat down on his buttocks, gasping for breath!

“Kai, are you alright?”

Hu Ma Zi hurriedly went forward and helped Kai up!

Kai shook his head “I’m fine ……”

After saying that, Kai stared closely at the arrow feather, his heart full of tension!

As the arrow feather flew higher and higher, it suddenly let out an explosion, a violent explosion that could be clearly heard from a hundred miles away!

And along with the sound of the explosion, a distortion and trembling in the void, slowly a black hole slowly formed!

The black hole was particularly small at first, and the power around it was very weak!

Slowly, the black hole grew larger and larger, and within it, a swirl of turbulence was clearly visible!

The huge power inside the black hole was sucking Kai and the others into the black hole!

“It’s through, I didn’t expect it to really be through?”

Master Iron Hammer looked incredulously at the black hole in front of him!

There were tears in Master Iron Hammer’s eyes, he had been trapped in the secular realm for over ten years, but he didn’t expect to have the chance to return to the Celestial Realm!

“Master Iron Hammer, let’s get going, I don’t know how long this passage will last ……”

Kai said to Master Ironhammer!

Master Ironhammer nodded, then followed Kai as they leapt up and then got sucked in by that black hole!

Kai and the others only felt their bodies tumbling in the turbulence, and they knew nothing else when their eyes went black!

When they woke up, they found that they were in a vast mountain range with dense forests and ancient trees!

“Where are we? Have we reached the Celestial Realm already?”

Hu Ma Zi asked with a bewildered expression as he looked around at the sky-high trees.

Kai was also at a loss, although he had been to the Celestial Realm, he had only been in that Valley of Death to kill the undead, and had never been anywhere else at all!

Now they could only listen to Master Iron Hammer, after all, Master Iron Hammer was from the Celestial Realm, so he should know something about it!

They saw Master Iron Hammer break some branches from a tree and stick them on the ground, then drew some strange shapes with his hands, and then the reflection of the branches started to move slowly!

After looking at it carefully for a while, Master Iron Hammer frowned and said “Shit, how did we get transported to the demon realm, we need to leave quickly ……”

The first thing you need to do is to use your feet to destroy the image you drew and take Kai and Hu Ma Zi with you.

“Master Iron Hammer, what demon land realm? Could there be demon beasts inside this mountain forest?”

Kai asked, puzzled.

“This celestial realm, unlike the mundane realm, has three major racial divisions, the human race, the demon race, and the demon race, each of which has its own living realm.”

“Although each race also clashes from time to time, but it will not be a big fight, there are also agreements between each other, for so many years, the celestial realm has been peaceful.”

“But I haven’t returned for more than ten years, I don’t know if there are any new changes in the Celestial Human Realm, where we are now, belongs to the demon race’s realm, it’s better to leave as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary trouble ……”

Master Iron Hammer explained the Celestial Human Realm to Kai as he quickly walked towards the outside of the forest!

The three of them didn’t know how long they had been traveling for, but they finally got out of the vast jungle and then arrived at the foot of a mountain!

“Master Iron Hammer, how far are we from that Green Bull Peak you mentioned?”

Kai asked to Master Iron Hammer.

“It’s not far, there’s still more than 30,000 miles ……”

Master Ironhammer said!

When Kai and Hu Pazi heard that, they almost didn’t pass out of breath!

Over 30,000 miles? Not even close?


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