A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2448

“In our Weapon Refining Sect, there is a divine pond called the Sword Washing Pond. The swords that are created have to pass through the Sword Washing Pond and use the spiritual energy in the pond to nourish them, and slowly a sword spirit will be created in the Sword Washing Pond!”

“But not all swords can generate sword spirits, some swords will be destroyed after they are made and put into the Sword Washing Pool, which is a ruined sword.”

“Like this Dragon Chopping Sword of yours, in order to repair or upgrade it, it needs to be immersed in the Sword Washing Pond, together with my refining technique.”

Master Iron Hammer said!

“Then let’s go to the Sword Washing Pond and fix this Dragon Cutting Sword of mine, won’t that do it?”

Kai asked.

Master Iron Hammer looked at Kai like a fool “This is the Secular Realm, while the Sword Washing Pond is in the Celestial Realm, how can we go there? I have been here for so many years, my strength has been suppressed a lot long ago, there is no way to rip through time and space and open the passage from the Secular Realm to the Celestial Realm ……”

“To go to the Celestial Realm, I’m afraid it’s difficult ……”

Hu Pazi also said!

Kai was silent, and after a moment of contemplation, he said to Master Iron Hammer, “Master, if I can open the passage from the secular world to the celestial world, can you take us to the Sword Washing Pond?”

“You can open the passage from the secular realm to the celestial realm?” Master Iron Hammer looked at Kai incredulously “Don’t be ridiculous, although your strength is not weak, but to open the passage from the secular realm to the celestial realm, it is simply impossible ……”

Master Iron Hammer didn’t believe Kai’s words at all!

“Master Iron Hammer, just tell me if I open the passage, will you be able to take us there?”

Kai asked with a serious face.

“Of course I can, so many years have passed, I want to go back and see, if I can really return to the Celestial Realm, I will never leave again, even if I am caught by the people of the Fire Burning Sect ……”

Master Iron Hammer nodded his head and said!

“Kai, can you really open the passage to the same celestial realm? Don’t be ridiculous, if you are not strong enough and still want to forcefully open the passage to the same celestial realm, I am afraid that you will be subject to backlash.”

Hu Ma Zi warned at Kai.

“I’ll try, I should be able to be able to ……”

Kai finished and took the Divine King’s Bow straight out!

When the piece of the Divine King’s Bow was taken out, Master Iron Hammer was dumbfounded!

“This …… this …… is the God King Bow, the most precious divine weapon of the Celestial Realm, how did it come to be in your hands?”

“I have heard that this divine King’s Bow is sealed in the Valley of Death, so many people have tried to obtain the divine King’s Bow, but all have returned without success.”

“How did this divine King’s Bow come to be in your hands? What is this all about? Who the hell are you?”

Master Iron Hammer was dumbfounded the moment he saw the Divine King’s Bow, this supreme divine weapon of the Celestial Realm had appeared in the mundane realm, this was clearly unscientific!

“I also obtained it by chance.” Kai didn’t know how to explain it!

Only Kai grabbed the bowstring, and then all the Dao power within his body exploded out!

The Divine King’s Bow was pulled, and a dotted light in the heavens and earth began to converge towards the Divine King’s Bow at a rapid pace!

The God King Bow emitted a huge suction force, as if it had absorbed all the power around it.

The light coalesced and soon transformed into a dazzling arrow feather, its brilliant golden light illuminating the entire sky with a dazzling light!

Soon, the golden light of the arrow feather grew fainter and fainter, gradually turning into a transparent crystal jade shape.

The aura emanating from the arrow feather caused Hu Ma Zi and Master Iron Hammer to have a look of horror in their eyes, they had never felt such a terrifying aura before!

Kai gritted his teeth and gripped the bowstring tightly to death, cold sweat on his forehead was falling downwards!

Kai’s legs began to tremble, but he did not let go of the bowstring, still holding on, for he did not know if his arrow could open the passage to the Celestial Realm, so he had to try with all his might!


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