A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2447

“Master Hammer, another of my swords has a crack, help me see if I can fix it ……”

After Kai finished speaking, he grabbed it with his right hand and the Dragon Cutting Sword appeared in his hand!

The moment the Dragon Chopping Sword appeared, Master Iron Hammer was frozen, his eyes widened as he looked at the Dragon Chopping Sword in Kai’s hand with a deadly stare!

“The Dragon Chopper Sword?” Master Ironhammer spoke after looking at it for a moment!

“Master, how do you know that this is the Dragon Chopping Sword?”

Kai was amazed!

“This Dragon Cutting Sword was originally a spirit sword forged by my Alchemy Sect, back then our Patriarch relied on this Dragon Cutting Sword to kill three Demon Kings in a row, but then the sword spirit was damaged and the Dragon Cutting Sword disappeared!”

“I never thought that the Dragon Cutting Sword would have fallen into the secular world and come into your hands, but the fact that you were able to follow the Dragon Cutting Sword and unite with it in person means that you and this Dragon Cutting Sword do have a destiny.”

Master Iron Hammer said!

When Kai heard this, he didn’t expect that the Zang Long Sword that followed him in his southern battles was a spirit sword forged by the Weaponry Refining Sect!

To be able to forge a spiritual sword like the Zhan Long Sword, it was clear that the strength of the Weaponry Refining Sect could not be underestimated!

“Master, then you, take a quick look, this Chopping Dragon Sword doesn’t know what the reason is, cracks have started to appear and it seems to be resisting me a little.”

Kai handed the Dragon Cutting Sword in his hand to Master Iron Hammer.

“It shouldn’t be, even if the sword spirit of the Dragon Cutting Sword is damaged, the sword body is still incredibly hard, cracks shouldn’t appear.”

Master Iron Hammer took the Dragon Cutting Sword and looked at it carefully!

Soon, Master Iron Hammer found the crux of the problem!

“The sword spirit of this Dragon Chopper Sword seems to have increased in strength in your hands, but as you continue to increase in strength, the sword spirit of the Dragon Chopper Sword has not, so when you use the Dragon Chopper Sword, it is difficult for the Dragon Chopper Sword to withstand the aura you give off!”

“And there’s no way for the Dragon Chopper Sword to show all your strength now, you’ll have to upgrade the Dragon Chopper Sword again before you can do that.”

Master Iron Hammer said to Kai!

When Kai heard this, he instantly understood that he had been focusing on his own strength growth, but had neglected the growth of the Zhan Long Sword’s sword spirit, scaring you that his strength had exploded by so much all of a sudden, when he was injecting the power of the divine Dragon into the Zhan Long Sword, the Zhan Long Sword would have a hard time with it, that’s why it was buzzing and trembling!

“Master, then do you have any way to help me repair the Dragon Cutting Sword? Or upgrade the Chopping Dragon Sword a bit?”

Kai hurriedly asked Master Iron Hammer.

Master Iron Hammer shook his head “If it was an ordinary weapon, I could help you repair it, but this Chopping Dragon Sword, with my current strength, there is no way to repair or upgrade it.”

When Kai heard this, he became frustrated “Are we just going to watch the Chopping Dragon Sword become useless junk?”

“Master Iron Hammer, since this Chopping Dragon Sword was forged by your Alchemy Sect, why is it that you have no way to repair it?”

Hu Ma Zi asked in disbelief.

“To repair or upgrade a spirit sword like the Chopping Dragon Sword, it is not possible to rely on a refiner alone, and you guys don’t know how to refine, so you don’t know the steps involved!”

“Do you guys think that this kind of spirit sword can be created by forging alone? Do you guys than imagine how the sword spirit within this spirit sword is created?”

Master Iron Hammer said!

“How was it created?” Kai and Hu Pazi all asked in unison.

Both of them were very curious, after all, they knew nothing about smithing, and smiths rarely existed in the secular realm or the secret realm!

The divine weapons used by some people were obtained by exploring some relics or digging for treasures, not by hiring someone to forge them!

So no one had ever considered how these weapons were forged, and how the sword spirits in the spirit swords came about.


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