A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2445

Day 2!

Kai followed Pocky Hu straight to Lingyin Temple!

Lingyin Temple was only a few hundred kilometres from Kyoto, and with Kai’s speed, it only took them a few hours to get there!

In the past, Ling Yin Temple was a very popular temple, and there was a constant stream of people coming to worship and offer incense every day.

But now it was so desolate that Kai and Hu Puzi didn’t see a single person on their way up the mountain!

When they arrived at Ling Yin Temple, they found that it had fallen into disrepair and was covered in dust, as if no one lived there!

When Kai looked at the Ling Yin Temple in this state, his heart instantly went half cold.

When the two men walked into Lingyin Temple, they saw that it was deserted and overgrown with weeds, and there was not a single monk anywhere!

“It seems that the master smith I met is long gone from here.”

Hu Ma Zi looked at this situation at Ling Yin Temple and understood that no one had lived here for a long time!

“Ai ……” Kai sighed “Let’s go ……”

Just as Kai and Hu Puzi turned around and were about to leave, a sudden breath came over them, followed by a human figure blocking the path of the two.

Kai fixed his eyes and found that the person blocking their way was none other than an old monk dressed in tattered monk’s robes and with a face full of dirt!

“Gentlemen, since you are here at Ling Yin Temple, why don’t you burn a pillar of incense and make an offering of money before you go?”

The old monk said to Kai and Hu Ma Zi!

Hu Puzi looked up and down at the old monk and then hurriedly said, “Master, master, do you remember me? We met a few years ago?”

The old monk looked at Hu Puzi and then shook his head “The old cassock has travelled to the four seas and has seen countless people, so how could he remember them all ……”

“Master, it doesn’t matter if you remember or not, we came to you because we want to ask you a favour.”

The old monk didn’t remember Hu Ma Zi, and Hu Ma Zi wasn’t angry!

“Looking for a favour from me?” The old monk was stunned “Look at me like this, what can I help you with?”

“Master, I know you are a master smith, this friend of mine has a sword that is damaged and would like to ask for your help to repair it ……”

Pocky Hu said straight away!

“So that’s it.” The old monk slightly foreheaded “Repairing a sword is just that, I am able to do it, but can I get any benefit?”

“Master, as long as you can help me fix the sword, whatever you want, even if it means rebuilding this Ling Yin Temple, I have no problem with that.”

As soon as Kai heard this, he hurriedly said!

“That’s quite a big mouth, but this Lin Yin Temple is not mine, what’s the point of rebuilding him.” The old monk shook his head “If I help you repair the sword, you need to help me save someone out!”

“Save what person?” Kai and Hu Pazi asked at the same time!

“You don’t need to worry about what kind of person, but this person is imprisoned in the dungeon of the Fire Burning Sect, if you promise to help me rescue him, not to mention repairing a sword for you, even if you have to build a sword for you, it’s no problem.”

The old monk said.

“The Fire Burning Sect?” Kai and Hu Pazi both froze!

They had never heard of such a sect before.

“Master, where is this Fire Burning Sect you speak of? I’ve never heard of it?”

Kai knew everything about the secular world, the hidden world or the secret realm, but he had never heard of this Fire Burning Sect!

“You don’t even know about the Fire Burning Sect? It’s just halfway up the mountain of Qingniu Peak, such a big sect, how could you not have heard of it?”

The old monk looked at Kai with a look of amazement!

This time, Kai and Pocky Hu were even more confused, they didn’t know where this Green Bull Peak was either!

“Master, you …… you said this Green Bull Peak, we haven’t heard of it either ……”

Kai had a helpless face!

“You say you guys, how come you haven’t even heard of Qingniu Peak? This Qingniu Peak …………”

The old monk was about to reprimand Kai and Hu Pazi for a good time!

But the whole man suddenly froze, seemingly remembering something, followed by tears flowing out and whimpering loudly.

This old monk’s action directly confused Kai and Hu Puzi.


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