A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2444

Inside the secret territory of the Daoist Sect!

Su Yuqi and Xiao Ru and the girls were all anxious as they watched Kai get trapped!

But no matter what they used, they couldn’t open the immortal trapping formation!

“You guys don’t need to waste your efforts, you can’t open this Immortal Trapping Formation.”

Kai said to Su Yuqi!

“No, I must get you out, I can’t stand by and watch you get trapped here ……”

Su Yuqi waved her fist and punched at that immortal trapping formation!

But with Su Yuqi’s strength, she couldn’t shake the Immortal Trapping Formation even a little bit!

“I can get out on my own, this Immortal Trapping Formation can’t trap me at all.”

As Kai finished speaking, the power of the Dao pattern on his body converged on top of Kai’s fist!

Boom …………

Kai blasted out with his fist, and the Immortal Trapping Formation instantly collapsed!

Seeing Kai break out of the formation so easily, Su Yuqi and Xiao Ru and the others were all a little dumbfounded!

Only after a while did Xiao Ru say, “Brother Kai, you’re so bad, you can break the formation yourself, but you’re still looking at us in such a hurry?”

Su Yuqi also glared at Kai, pouting and getting a little angry!

Seeing this, Kai could only rush forward to coax Su Yuqi!

“Alright, you should leave here quickly, or else those people will come back and you won’t be able to leave again ……”

Su Yuqi pushed Kai and told him to get out!

“Don’t worry guys, it won’t take long for me to get you out ……”

Kai said as he followed Su Yuqi!

“I trust you, just go now ……”

At Su Yuqi’s urging, Kai left the secret realm of the Question Sect!

After Kai returned to the Dragon Sect, he thought of his Dragon Cutting Sword and felt a sourness in his heart!

Taking out the Dragon Cutting Sword, Kai looked at it again and again, looking at the cracks on the Dragon Cutting Sword, Kai’s heart felt very uncomfortable!

This sword and he had fought in all four directions, and had already united as one, but now the sword had been destroyed.

“Is there any way to restore this Dragon Cutting Sword?”

Kai wanted to find out if there was a way to restore the Dragon Cutting Sword in his hand!

But after thinking about it, Kai could not come up with a way.

So Kai found Hu Ma Zi!

Pocky Hu had seen a lot of things and had experienced a lot of things, so perhaps he would have a solution!

When Pocky Hu heard what Kai wanted, he also felt very embarrassed!

“Kai, the Dragon Cutting Sword in your hand is obviously a spirit sword, and it has also opened up its spirit, this ordinary refiners, I’m afraid it will be very difficult to restore your Dragon Cutting Sword.”

Pocky Hu said as he looked at the Dragon Cutting Sword in Kai’s hand!

“Is there no way at all? Master Hu is very knowledgeable, he must know some master refiners, right?”

Kai began to brag to Pocky Hu!

Pocky Hu’s entire body was somewhat adrift after being praised by Kai like this.

“Weapon refining masters, of course I know them, hundreds of years ago there was a clan that was very powerful in refining weapons, but then for some unknown reason, this clan disappeared.”

“A few years ago, I once met an old monk who was travelling in all directions, and only when I was chatting did I learn that he was actually a weapon refiner and a disciple of that sect that had disappeared hundreds of years ago, I thought he was bragging at the time.”

“But I became somewhat convinced after I had seen with my own eyes that he had used a piece of scrap iron to create a dagger of unparalleled sharpness.”

Hu Ma Zi said.

“Then where is this old monk you speak of? Let’s go and find him now ……”

When Kai heard this, he hurriedly asked.

“It’s been so many years, I don’t know where it is there, but he once said that his place of origin is at Lingyin Temple.”

Hu Ma Zi said!

“Good, tomorrow we will go to Lingyin Temple to have a look ……”

Kai decided that he would go and see this master smith that Pocky Hu said, if he could get the Dragon Chopper Sword repaired, that would be too good to be true!

Without the Dragon Chopping Sword, Kai always felt like something was missing!


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