A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2442

Six purple-robed messengers surrounded Kai!

And Kai turned to the six purple-robed emissaries and said with a slight frown “As cultivators in the eight mysterious realms, yet you are willing to become the lackeys of a demon cultivator, don’t you feel ashamed?”

Kai questioned the six purple-robed emissaries!

“Kai, you don’t need to talk anymore, stay here and don’t go there obediently, I can keep you safe and sound ……”

“We only want the Aura Recovery Formation to start, we don’t want to hurt anyone!”

“Although the eight secret realms are full of spiritual energy, but after all, there are still limitations, and with the passage of time, the eight secret realms are facing collapse at any time, when the time comes, where will we people go?”

Yu Qian stood out and said to Kai!

“I want to leave, you guys can’t stop me at all, unless you kill me ……”

Kai said in a cold voice!

“Don’t you force us to make a move on you ……” Yu Qian’s face turned gloomy!

“Then do it, I am definitely going to leave here.”

As Kai finished speaking, a burst of aura began to erupt from his body!

Seeing this, Yu Qian waved his hand and said “Do it, don’t let him leave ……”

Having just seen Kai’s strength, the six purple-robed emissaries all attacked together!

Several rays of light emanated from the hands of the six purple-robed messengers, and after the rays of light converged in the air, they formed a powerful pillar of light that shone towards Kai!

Facing the huge pillar of light, Kai did not panic in the slightest, for he knew that the purple-robed messengers would not kill him, but only wanted to trap him!

The huge pillar of light shone on Kai, instantly forming a transparent barrier around Kai, directly enveloping him!

“Just this kind of formation, perhaps trapping me?”

Kai was filled with disdain as he fiercely clenched his fists.

“Holy Light Fist …………”

Kai shouted explosively as the spiritual energy within his dantian began to run, and a burst of light shone up above his right fist.

But just as Kai wanted to punch the barrier in front of him, he found that the light above his fist instantly dissipated, and there was no way to mobilize the spiritual energy within his dantian.

It was as if there was a strong suppressive force that was suppressing the spiritual energy in his body, so Kai was unable to exert his strength and break the barrier to escape.

“How could this happen?” Kai didn’t believe it and tried to explode the spiritual energy within his body again, but there was still no movement!

Even the divine dragon power within the dragon crystal could not be used!

Looking at Kai, Yu Qian laughed, “Kai, don’t waste your efforts, the immortal trapping formation we have set up together, no one can break it, inside the immortal trapping formation, there is no way for you to use your spiritual power!”

“You stay here obediently, after the Spiritual Qi Recovery Formation is activated and the entire secular world’s spiritual energy recovers, we can follow the great powers to beg for mercy and let you live.”

“You have an overwhelming talent and are indeed an immortal cultivation wonder, I hope you will know the time a little better.”

Yu Qian persuaded Kai, while Kai did not say a word!

At this moment, Kai quietly mobilised the Daoist power within his body, and he found that although his Spiritual Power and Divine Dragon Power were suppressed by this Immortal Trapping Formation, the Daoist power was not affected in the slightest!

It seemed that this immortal trapping formation was targeting the spiritual power used by immortals or the power of the divine dragon, while the power of the Dao pattern was not possessed by immortal cultivators at all!

This Daoist power is the power of the demon race, and this immortal trapping formation could not suppress the Daoist power at all.

Kai was relieved to find that the Daoist power was not affected, but he still acted very angry and looked at Yu Qian angrily “You are not worthy of being a cultivator, you are aiding the evil, I will never join you.”

“Do you think you have a choice now if you want to join us?”

Yu Qian snorted coldly, then with several other purple-robed emissaries in tow, he left in a flash!

They were very confident, confident that Kai would not be able to escape the Immortal Trapping Formation at all.


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