A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2441

This startled Kai, who knew that this Dragon Cutting Sword had never been in such a situation since it had fought with him in the north and south!

He didn’t expect that a spiritual weapon like the Dragon Cutting Sword would produce cracks!

In his shock, Kai hurriedly put the Dragon Cutting Sword back, he was afraid that if he continued to use it, it would simply break!

But when Kai withdrew the Dragon Cutting Sword, there was nothing left to stop the Hell Evil God’s double-edged Jian, and he ended up being smashed directly into his body by those double-edged Jian!

Boom! …………

Kai’s body was instantly smashed and sent flying, flipping several times in the air before landing heavily on the ground!

However, Kai’s strong physical body, coupled with the protection of his Unbreakable Golden Body, did not cause much damage!


“Brother Kai.”

Su Yuqi and the girls rushed over, full of concern, and helped Kai up!

Seeing their worried faces, Kai smiled lightly and said, “I’m fine, this power can’t hurt me.”

When Su Yuqi and the girls saw that Kai was not hurt, they put their minds at ease!

“Hahahaha, Kai, you should now know the power of my Inferno Demon Body, right?”

Ning Zhi’s voice came out of that Hell Evil God’s mouth!

One could hear that Ning Zhi was now very excited, he had finally managed to defeat Kai!

The depression and blow he had just suffered had now long since been swept away!

Kai looked at the smug Ning Zhi and the corners of his mouth curled up!

“Even if you unleash your special physique, you won’t be a match for me.”

As Kai finished speaking, he directly took out his God King Bow!

As the Dragon Cutting Sword could not be used for the time being, Kai could only use the Divine King’s Bow!

The moment the God King Bow was taken out, the six purple-robed emissaries’ gazes were all drawn over.

Kai pulled the bowstring, and all the auras swarmed around him for a distance of hundreds of metres.

These auras condensed into an arrow feather above the bowstring, rolling with an appalling aura that was gathering momentum!

Ning Zhi looked at the Divine King’s Bow in Kai’s hand and was slightly confused himself, he could already truly feel the dangerous aura emanating from the Divine King’s Bow!

This dangerous aura was the very aura that was mutually exclusive, the aura emanating from within that Divine King’s Bow was suppressing to death the Yin Fury Qi within Ning Zhi’s body!

Looking at Kai as he pulled the bowstring, an arrow already aimed at him, Ning Zhi’s heart began to panic a little!

Swish …………

Kai let go of the bowstring and the arrow feather was like a meteor, trailing a long white tail flame and heading straight for Ning Zhi!

Seeing this, Ning Zhi touched the double-edged Jian in his hand, and a shield instantly appeared in front of him!

In the blink of an eye, a dozen shields shrouded in black mist wrapped around Ning Zhi!

The arrow feathers shot by Kai touched the shield in front of Ning Zhi’s body at a tremendous speed!

Without the slightest pause, the arrow instantly broke through the shields!

In front of this arrow feather, the shield Ning Zhi had formed was as fragile as thin paper!

The arrow pierced through a dozen shields and instantly shot into the hellish evil god’s body!

For a moment, the scene was silent, and the Hell Evil God’s hideous face wore an expression of pain.

Boom …………

With an explosion, the Evil God of Hell instantly went up in smoke and disappeared without a trace!

And Ning Zhi, who had followed the Hell Evil God and had already fused, separated at the last moment!

But even then, Ning Zhi was still shaken, spitting blood profusely.

At this moment, Ning Zhi’s face looked worse than if he had eaten shit, as he thought he could defeat Kai by unleashing his Inferno Demon Body.

He thought he could defeat Kai by unleashing his Inferno Demon Body, but he didn’t expect to be beaten by Kai, which dealt a deep blow to Ning Zhi’s confidence!

“Do you believe my words now?”

At this moment, the great power’s voice rang out once again.

Ning Zhi bowed his head in silence, there was indeed still a gap between his strength and that of Kai when he followed him.

A light soon flashed, and Ning Zhi’s form instantly disappeared in place as the great power’s voice continued “You few, leave this Kai behind, don’t let him leave the secret realm ……”

The great power told the six purple-robed messengers to leave Kai behind and not let him leave the secret realm of the Daoist Sect!


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