A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2440

That confidence in Kai’s heart had long gone when he faced the six purple-robed messengers, but just as Kai was trying to think of a way to deal with the six purple-robed messengers!

Suddenly there was a loud bellow behind him, only to see Ning Zhi stand up, his face full of anger and said “Stop, all of you, this Kai will be handed over to me, I want to turn him into a human stick ……”

The six purple-robed messengers looked back and found that Ning Zhi’s entire body was emitting a sinister aura, and his entire body seemed to have grown much taller.

Immediately afterwards a burst of black mist condensed behind Ning Zhi, instantly transforming into a tall and majestic hellish evil god!

This evil god was holding a double-tipped Jian, his eyes were wide open and his face was full of fierce fury!

Seeing this scene, the six purple-robed messengers were all startled and hurriedly stopped, making way for Ning Zhi!

Every time Ning Zhi took a step towards Kai, the Evil God of Hell behind him took a step forward with him, and the endless pressure emanated towards Kai!

“Kai, don’t forget, I’m an Inferno Demon Body, I have a physique that is different from normal people ……”

Ning Zhi looked at Kai angrily, along with Ning Zhi getting closer and closer to Kai, the Hellish Evil God behind Ning Zhi became taller and taller!

“Kai, go to hell ……”

Ning Zhi roared in fury!

That Hell Evil God also let out a hiss as the twin blade Jian in his hands clashed, bursting forth with endless power!

But just as the Hell Evil God was launching an attack towards Kai, the sky suddenly went dark, followed by a heavenly hand descending from the sky, instantly slapping down on the Hell Evil God’s body, directly scattering it!

“Are you treating my words like a deaf ear?”

In the sky, slowly came the voice of that great power!

At the sound of the great power’s voice, Ning Zhi trembled in fear, he had indeed become angry just now, he wanted to kill Kai!

If he really killed Kai, then he would be in big trouble!

“Great Power, my subordinate knows my mistake, I beg the Great Power to spare me once ……”

Ning Zhi hurriedly knelt down and begged for forgiveness!

“You’re simply no match for that Kai right now, this fellow’s strength is far beyond yours ……”

“You need to continue to cultivate in order to do so, right now you must leave behind the distracting thoughts of revenge in your mind and focus on cultivation.”

The great power said to Ning Zhi.

“Da Neng, this Kai killed my father and has been oppressing me, I am desperately cultivating so that I can defeat him and avenge my father.”

“I am the Inferno Demon Body, if I unleash my Inferno Demon Body, this Kai is no match for me at all ……”

Ning Zhi said loudly!

In Ning Zhi’s mind, he couldn’t beat Kai because he hadn’t activated his Inferno Demon Body, otherwise Kai wouldn’t be his opponent at all!

Instead of the mighty voice coming, the huge palm that had just been there, slowly disappeared, and the Hellish Evil God that had been slapped away reentered behind Ning Zhi!

Ning Zhi seemed to understand the meaning of the great power, and hurriedly got up to look at Kai, his eyes slightly fixed, full of killing intent, “Kai, today I will make you taste a life worse than death.”

After saying this, Ning Zhi’s body shone with a burst of light, and then Ning Zhi’s body fused together with the Evil God of Hell!

The huge Hell Evil God swung his twin blades towards Kai!

Seeing this, Kai flipped his right hand over and the Dragon Cutting Sword appeared in his hand!

With a diagonal block, he blocked the Hellish Evil God’s double-tipped Jian!

But with this, Kai felt the Dragon Cutting Sword in his hand shake abnormally again, and this time the shaking was so severe that Kai tried to control it, but it was to no avail!

Even the spirit of the sword, Kai could no longer connect with it. No matter how much Kai injected the power of the divine dragon into the Dragon Cutting Sword, he could not control it!

Click click click …………

With a small sound, Kai found that the Dragon Cutting Sword in his hand had a small crack!


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