A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2439

“Kai ……”

“Brother Ping Chen ……”

Seeing this, Su Yuqi, Wu Mei’er and Xiao Ru all burst out with bursts of aura and were about to head towards that Ning Zhi!

But soon, they stopped and looked at Kai in a dumbfounded manner!

This claw of Ning Zhi’s did not result in a splash of blood, much less a splitting of the liver and intestines.

All that could be seen was that Kai had a cold smile on his face and was looking at Ning Zhi with disdain!

Ning Zhi’s smile froze on his face, filled with disbelief!

That claw he had just used almost all his strength, and Kai didn’t even dodge or evade, but he had failed to hurt Kai?

Now that Kai was standing still, Ning Zhi couldn’t even hurt Kai in the slightest!

“This …… how is this possible? This is never possible ……”

Ning Zhi looked towards Kai, his eyes filled with resignation, he had suffered inhuman experiences in order to defeat Kai!

Now that his great success was complete, he thought he would be able to crush Kai and be able to take his revenge with ease!

But now, at the end of the day, he was still no match for Kai.

Now not only was he no longer a match, he didn’t even have the ability to hurt Kai!

This kind of psychological gap made Ning Zhi’s entire body go silly!

Not only Ning Zhi, but the six purple-robed emissaries at the side also frowned when they saw this, they too had not expected that Kai’s strength would grow so quickly!

“Are you going to progress in the future all this time, as long as you’re cultivating? I tell you, you will never be able to beat me ……”

Kai laughed coldly, then flew up and kicked Ning Zhi out, his body was like a kite with a broken string as it flew out abruptly and landed directly on the ground heavily!

Poof …………

Ning Zhi spurted a mouthful of blood onto the ground, half of this blood was due to his injuries and half was due to his anxious fire!

“Why? Why on earth?”

Ning Zhi raised a long sigh from the heavens, he felt that the heavens had been unfair to him, he had worked so hard to cultivate, even throwing himself into purgatory and suffering inhuman torture.

But in the end, it was all for naught, a blow that Ning Zhi could hardly bear for a while!

Looking at the dumbfounded Ning Zhi, Kai knew that Ning Zhi had suffered this blow and his whole person was considered ruined, so he coldly smiled and said “Instead of letting you live in pain like this, it would be better to give you a pain ……”

Kai said, his palm swung towards Ning Zhi!

He wanted to kill Ning Zhi, because this kid is too deep-hearted, as long as he or, Kai will not want to live in peace!

But just as Kai was about to strike at Ning Zhi, a figure suddenly flashed out, directly in front of Ning Zhi, and followed Kai with a vicious palm strike!

Boom …………

After a loud sound, the purple-robed messenger retreated three steps, while Kai’s body only swayed a little!

That purple-robed messenger was filled with surprise, while the other purple-robed messengers, seeing this, hurriedly stepped forward and surrounded Kai!

“What? Are you guys planning to bully the less with the more?”

Kai swept a glance at the six purple-robed messengers and asked coldly.

“Kai, we won’t kill you, but you’d better stay here obediently and don’t go anywhere, if you don’t listen, then don’t blame us for being unkind to you ……”

A purple-robed messenger walked up to Kai and said!

Kai heard the voice was somewhat familiar, and suddenly remembered, it was that Yu Qian’s voice!

Kai didn’t expect that Yu Qian, the most vocal person in the Eight Mysterious Realms, was also one of the purple-robed emissaries!

“I’m still needed for the activation of your Aura Recovery Formation, so you simply wouldn’t dare to kill me.”

“Since you don’t dare to kill me, then I won’t listen to you, what can you do?”

“I am going to walk out ……”

Kai walked straight towards the outside of the secret territory of the Daoist Sect!

Seeing this, Yu Qian’s face turned red with anger and he could only shout “Stop him, you can’t kill him, but that doesn’t mean you can’t waste him, waste him and see how he can still run wild ……”

After saying that, several purple-robed messengers all rushed towards Kai!


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