A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2438

“Don’t worry guys, I’ll be back to get you out of here for sure ……”

Kai gently stroked Su Yuqi’s face, then turned around with the intention of leaving!

But just as Kai was turning around, a light suddenly flashed and Ning Zhi’s figure instantly appeared in front of Kai!

When Kai saw Ning Zhi, his entire body froze!

“Ning Zhi? You’re actually not dead?”

Kai looked at Ning Zhi incredulously, the aura on Ning Zhi’s body at that moment had a radical change, and the broken arm had grown out long ago without knowing when!

“Kai, how can I die before my great revenge is avenged, if I am to die, it will be you who will die before me ……”

Ning Zhi said with an arrogant face!

At this moment, Ning Zhi, long ago there was no more Kai in his eyes, in his opinion, Kai was not even qualified to follow himself in a battle!

“What an aura, I wonder if your aura comes from the Yin Fury Qi within you?”

Kai said with a faint smile!

In his opinion, Ning Zhi was sending himself resources, this aura of Yin and Fury would definitely fill up his Dao power!

“Cut the crap, in a moment I will show you where my bottom comes from ……”

Ning Zhi finished, his face turning grim as the aura on his body slowly began to rise up!

Just then, several more flashes of light flashed by, and six purple-robed messengers appeared.

Looking at the six purple-robed messengers, Kai’s brow directly furrowed, he had not expected six purple-robed messengers to come all at once!

If it was just one or two purple-robed messengers, Kai wouldn’t be afraid!

But six purple-robed emissaries had come at once, which made Kai very passive!

When Su Yuqi and Xiao Ru saw this, they hurriedly took up positions, no matter what, they could not just watch Kai in danger!

“Ning Zhi, this defeated general of yours, did you know that you were no match for me, so you deliberately called for helpers, planning to bully the less with the more?”

Kai said to Ning Zhi with a mocking expression!

Ning Zhi looked at Kai’s mocking look, and then at the six purple-robed messengers, and inwardly, he was already about to die of anger.

“From now on, when I strike, none of you six are allowed to make a move, do you hear me?”

Ning Zhi said in a commanding tone to the six purple-robed emissaries!

At this moment, Ning Zhi’s heart was so swollen that he didn’t even put the purple-robed emissaries in his eyes anymore, for he knew that as an Inferno Demon Body, even the great powers had to respect him!

As the six purple-robed emissaries listened to Ning Zhi’s words, each of them became furious, but they also knew the importance of this Ning Zhi in the Aura Recovery Formation, so they could only hold their tongues and no one said anything!

Seeing that all six purple-robed messengers dared not speak out in anger towards him, Ning Zhi’s entire being almost drifted away!

“Kai, today I’ll show you how powerful I am ……”

As Ning Zhi finished speaking, his body flickered, shrouded in black Qi, and he was heading towards Kai in the blink of an eye!

A pitch-black demonic claw probed out, its icy, bone-chilling Yin Fury Qi instantly transforming into a sharp blade as it grabbed directly towards Kai’s chest!

Ning Zhi gave up on Kai’s heart, for he could not kill him!

Ning Zhi was extremely fast, it seemed that Kai didn’t even have time to react before Ning Zhi was already in front of him!

“Fall down for me ……”

Ning Zhi bellowed!

This claw contained Ning Zhi’s endless humiliation and hatred, he had suffered inhuman torture for this day!

The cold wind was bitterly cold, and Ning Zhi’s eyes were thick with blood red colour!

“You want to hurt me even with this ability? It’s simply out of your depth ……”

Kai looked at Ning Zhi, the corners of his mouth slightly raised, his face full of disdain!

Just as Ning Zhi’s claw reached Kai’s chest, Kai’s body suddenly burst out with a piercing golden light!

The Unbreakable Golden Body activated, and Kai’s entire body was covered in golden scales!

Clang …………

Amidst the shocked cries of Su Yuqi and the others, Ning Zhi grabbed Kai above the chest with a claw!


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